Sick Days Ahead

Sunday, March 27, 2016 at 10:51 am


A strong storm system will move into the area on Monday morning and continue to bring off-and-on snow thru early Wednesday.  Significant accumulations are possible.  Good ski conditions look likely afternoon Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


The storm we’ve been talking about over the past several days is now less than 24 hours away from arrival.  It definitely looks to have potential, with models suggesting snow will begin Monday morning and continue off-and-on for 48 hours or so.  Snow levels will start out as high as 7,500 ft tomorrow morning but should drop down to near valley floor by Monday night.  NAEFS ensembles are quite optimistic still, currently showing a mean of over 2″ of liquid:


Despite the auspicious nature of these graphs, I’m still a bit hesitant on this storm.  It’s just not a typical system.  A front will drop into the region and stall over the area before pivoting.  The trough then becomes somewhat “negatively tilted”.  This isn’t typically a favorable pattern for the Wasatch as it usually means a southerly flow; rather, it is a favorable pattern for the Uintas.  There’s also a chance the front stalls somewhere other than currently expected.  If it does so too far north or west of here, it could dramatically lower snowfall totals.  So interestingly, the stalled front that could bring us such high accumulations, could also be the undoing of this storm.

Despite my uneasiness, I still think 1-2 feet is likely throughout the high Wasatch.  I think that, depending on how the storm evolves, there is potential for more than that in a few select areas like the Uintas.

It’s a long duration storm so you should have several chances for good snow on different days.  Might be time to use the last of those “sick” days you’ve been stockpiling.  As for me, unfortunately my sickness seems to be the real deal and I’m starting to doubt I’ll be able to shake it off in time.  🙁

Happy Easter! Let’s hope Mother Nature doesn’t lay an egg like Mother Goose.



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7 thoughts on “Sick Days Ahead

  1. SoPow

    Hope ya feel better soon brutha! Missing the last storm system of the season is a harsh thing! I will be missing this storm as well, so for both of our sakes and all those in the same boat… I’m hoping for one more storm storm surge here in Northern Utah!

      1. SoPow

        Ha! I certainly don’t want it to be the last storm! No way! But IF it were, I’d hate to see Evan miss it. THAT being said, this season has been so good, that if it ended after the last storm or even the one before that… I’d still be happy with ALL the sick pow face shots I’ve gotten this season! THIS has been an epic season, I’d say the best since 2010-11! I will never stop #prayingforsnow …I guess in the end, I’ll ALWAYS be jonesing for my next fix of our dry Utah Pow Pow!

    1. Bill Hunt

      Second week of May, 1986, Alta got 5 feet of snow. That remains the “biggest, latest” storm I have seen in the Wasatch. It was the “Chernobyl storm”, and was slightly radioactive. I hiked Alta every day of that storm! 🙂

      1. Bill Hunt

        I also recall an Alta closing day, don’t recall the year (might have been 94-95, checking the records that was a huge year), end of third week in April closing I think, with 30″ of fresh powder, and a base of 212″!!

  2. Geoff Larson

    If it becomes a southerly flow than maybe back mountain Sundance could get hit? I’ll be at Sundance or Alta Wed depending on how the storm goes mon and tues.

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