Weird Wasatch Wednesday

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 6:28 am


Fresh snow coats the mountains (and even valleys) of Utah this morning.  Storm totals were in the expected range and we could see a few more snow showers this morning before we clear out.  A break Thursday before another storm clips the region on Friday and Saturday with additional (mostly light) accumulations possible.  Active weather likely next week to close out the month.


March continues to deliver the goods to Utah with our third good storm in as many weeks.  Totals this morning are exactly in line with the forecast.  Generally resorts outside the Cottonwoods were in the 5-13″ range.  Even Brian Head down south is reporting 10″ of fresh.  For the Cottonwoods, orographics helped deliver storm totals in the 12-17″ range.  Still a few snow showers around so it’s not impossible for another inch or two.  No complaints about this storm.  I skied yesterday morning and the snow was dense early on, but it was a good type of dense I like to call “buttery and delicious”:


As expected, the snow lightened up considerably behind the cold front, so no butter out there today.  Just faceshots for all!


Thursday will be a break day.  Another storm is moving in for Friday into Saturday.  This storm has meager moisture and is only really clipping northern Utah, so I’m not expecting a lot from it.  Still I think 3-6″ is possible with perhaps a bit more for favored locations.

Another storm looks likely for late Monday into Tuesday of next week but there are some major model differences so we’ll wait a couple more days before we get into any details.

You can see these two upcoming storms well on the NAEFS graph:


Time for me to get ready to ski powder again.  Hope you all have a great time out there today!


P.S.  As you all know, we are entering the final stretch of the ski season.  Like it or not, the inexorable changing of seasons is underway. If you’ve been happy with the forecasts provided so far this year, please consider donating to Wasatch Snow Forecast.  As much as I love writing WSF, it requires a tremendous amount of time and effort, and with each passing year, I lose a bit more of my overall sanity.  Even just a donation of a few bucks goes a long way.  Paypal donations are quick and easy.  You can donate by clicking HERE or by clicking “Donate to WSF” on the top menu.   Thank you in advance for your donation, and as always, thank you so much for your readership!  I am forever honored and humbled that you trust in me to forecast your powder days.

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11 thoughts on “Weird Wasatch Wednesday

  1. NoSnowDownLow

    I noticed on the radar last night, around 10-11pm – there was a distinct band of snow in a straight exit path from the great salt lake… looked like a lake-effect band? I presume that coupled with orographics up into the cottonwoods may have helped the snow keep falling through the night? I imagine it is nice and soft up there this morning.
    I travel to England this weekend, for a couple of weeks… so by the time I’m back, I am looking forward to putting the jacket and boots away away and getting out the shorts, flip-flops and mountain bike (I obviously don’t ride the bike in flip-flops, that would just be daft).

      1. NoSnowDownLow

        I wasn’t sure if Cottonwoods got much from it. It did seem to be running past to the West of Traverse Mountain last night. Shame there’s no resorts up there in the Oquirrhs to benefit!
        As for “daft”… Your reply made me chuckle. I am indeed a “limey”. I moved here in 2013. Trip back to the “homeland” is business. I do need to stop using “awesome” and telling people to “have a great day” though, otherwise I may be ridiculed… heheh

    1. Dylan Foster

      Yes, very disappointed. It was definitely more like 2″, though it was hard to tell since they groomed almost every run overnight. Anything with fresh snow had so much ice it was tough to ski any of it :/

  2. Jer

    Got first tracks today up at Snowbird. Easily 14-16″ of freshies up top. Unreal. Did 3 runs and now I’m back at work 🙁

    1. Tom Bennett

      Agreed. Deep off the traverses and even fat lower mountain.

      Complete anarchy at the Cirque. About 100+ people waiting for the rope drop on the entrances off Regulator. I went by twice, don’t like waiting for ropes so vectored off onto the runs back down to Little Cloud (deep and fun). Came back up a third time, the crowd was really amping hard….suddenly four guys come down from above, totally poaching into the traverse. The whole crowd goes nuts, literally tears down the ropes and charges into the traverses. Patrol shows up five minutes later, steaming, swearing, etc.

      Can’t say I blame them, and it’s a bad development if it continues (although full disclosure, I did shrug and follow once the crowd was through). But kind of amusing to watch mob rule.

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