Storm Day

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 6:27 am


Our storm is here with snow falling in the upper elevations through much of the day today (Tuesday).  Snow levels will lower today and precip will turn more showery this afternoon into tonight and tomorrow morning.  A break on Thursday before a bit more snow is possible late Friday and Saturday.


Valley rain and mountain snow has begun for most areas of the Wasatch.  Rain currently falling at my house on the Sandy bench.  Looking at surface temps, it looks like snow levels are generally around 7000 feet right now (6am).  1-2″ of snow so far for Cottonwood resorts.  Areas farther north, as expected, saw snow develop earlier.  5″ showing already on the Snowbasin webcam:


Heavy snow at times is likely this morning.  This afternoon, things will turn showery as the atmosphere de-stabilizes.  Coupled with diurnal heating, we could get some convection out of the showers this afternoon.  Don’t be surprised to hear a rumble of thunder.  Orographics should keep snow going, particularly in places like the Cottonwoods.  A weak trailing wave tomorrow morning could add a few more inches.

Overall, same forecast as before.  6-12″ above 8,000 feet with 10-16″ for the Cottonwoods.  I think approximately half of that will fall before lifts close today and half of it tonight into tomorrow.  As is often the case, the orographic environment is always a bit of a crapshoot.  If it really gets going, there’s certainly a chance for higher totals.

Another system moves in Friday and Saturday.  Nothing too impressive, but should be enough for occasional snow showers and a few inches of fresh to soften up the weekend.

Next week, models still flirting with the idea of a closed low cutting off in the Great Basin.  Almost impossible to forecast, but we should have chances for additional snow at some point early next week.

I’ve got some powder skiing to do! Hope you do too! Enjoy!


P.S.  As you all know, we are entering the final stretch of the ski season.  Like it or not, the inexorable changing of seasons is underway. If you’ve been happy with the forecasts provided so far this year, please consider donating to Wasatch Snow Forecast.  As much as I love writing WSF, it requires a tremendous amount of time and effort, and with each passing year, I lose a bit more of my overall sanity.  Even just a donation of a few bucks goes a long way.  Paypal donations are quick and easy.  You can donate by clicking HERE or by clicking “Donate to WSF” on the top menu.   Thank you in advance for your donation, and as always, thank you so much for your readership!  I am forever honored and humbled that you trust in me to forecast your powder days.

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9 thoughts on “Storm Day

  1. Mike Smith

    You’re almost always the first to come out with forecast amounts for storms. It’s funny to then watch other forecasts bounce all over the place, eventually they seem to settle in the same range you forecasted days earlier. Great work. Happy to donate!

  2. LauraCA

    Thank you WSF for all you do. Happy to donate and look forward to navigating next year’s ski season in the Wasatch with your excellent forecasts

  3. LauraNorCal

    Thank you WSF for all you do. Happy to donate and looking forward to navigating next ski season in the Wasatch with your excellent, informative and entertaining forecasts

  4. LauraNorCal

    Thank you WSF for all you do. Always happy to donate and looking forward to navigating the rest of the season and next ski season in the Wasatch with your excellent, informative and entertaining forecasts.

  5. Derek deHaas

    Snowing steadily in PC right now with a few inches at resort base elevation. Windy and nasty at my place now near Canyons… content to drink coffee inside before work and drool about tomorrow. Thanks for all your effort though WSF, your site has become part of my morning routine. I have planned most of my shred schedule this year based on your forecasts and have been rewarded with a killer season! Plus the energy from your enthusiasm and all your followers really helps to connect everyone and keep the fire burning! Thanks and happy to donate.

  6. Bill Hunt

    Wow, unexpectedly great storm morning at Snowbasin; even though all the avi gates were closed. I was expecting dust on crust below 7500′, but it was soft all the way down to 6400.
    March powder- just like the good old days!

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