Powder Day Tuesday

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 6:42 am


Fresh snow is out there with additional snow showers possible today.  We’ll say cool through the end of the week before a warm-up for the weekend.  Next good storm opportunity is next Tuesday.


Yesterday’s system came in and created some wild weather across the region.  It was far more disorganized than I was expecting and it made it difficult for us to get consistent snowfall.  Instead we saw heavy snow showers at times through the day then breaks in between.  Eventually, some steadier snow moved in yesterday evening.

Reports so far are in the 7-12″ range for most Northern Utah resorts.  With some additional accumulation today, totals should fit well into the 6-12″ forecasted for PC and 8-16″ for the Northern Wasatch resorts.  For the Cottonwoods, the forecast was 12-18″ and right now we are at 10-12″ storm total.  I still think we’ll get several inches additional today with another weak disturbance — so we should still end up within the forecasted range.  There seems to still be some disappointment for Cottonwood skiers.  Partially because they are so used to being at the upper end of the range.  Another part of the disappointment may be that there were other outlets that called for up to 3 feet of snow at one point, including the NWS, which up until last night was still saying 16-28″.  I had this conversation with a buddy on Sunday, not sure why they were so optimistic going into this storm, especially when that much snow wasn’t reflected in the models at all.  Normally they do a great job, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they saw something I didn’t.

We should stay generally active thru the end of the week with cool conditions and chances for light snow showers as weak systems clip far northern Utah.   By the weekend, we should clear out and warm up dramatically.  Spring skiing for your Saturday/Sunday.

Models in very good agreement for a storm approaching for late Monday into Tuesday of next week.  Still a week away and far too early for details but it’s something to watch as our next potential for powder.

Conditions should be very good on the hill today with the fresh snow and chances for refreshers throughout the day.   Enjoy!


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14 thoughts on “Powder Day Tuesday

  1. Mike Smith

    I knew there was a problem when I saw the difference between your forecast and NWS Cottonwoods page. Who knows, maybe today we’ll get a foot of LCC magic and their forecast will end up being correct. Stranger things have happened

  2. Chad Niel

    Huge disagreement between 7 day and 24 hour about the temperature in LCC today. Is it supposed to get to 22 or 38? Lol

  3. Jim

    NWS was out to lunch on this one. The major models all showed no more than 12…maybe 18 inches on the high end. Evan was right on with his forecast. A few more inches today will bring storm total within the range. Not a great storm, certainly looked better in the models.

  4. NoSnowDownLow

    Is it snowing up in the resorts now? Down where I work at valley floor, is it dry but there is reasonable cloud sitting as a blanket at around 7500′ I’d guess. I’m assuming it is dropping some level of moisture onto the mountain resorts and adding accumulation?

  5. Erock

    The bird was good not great, in my opinion. Soft turns where it was blown in on north/west facing and protected, but crust was in play on a lot of aspects, made you a bit hesitant. Fun day. Not epic. Snowed in short bursts relatively heavy, but maybe an inch total accumulation. Better than it’s been in awhile!

  6. Nick Gottlieb

    Over two feet in the Bear River Range and still puking! Just got done skiing and it was snowing 4″ an hour…our skin track was gone for the second lap! Snowing even all the way down in town now.

  7. Mike Ryan

    Skied Brighton Mon-Weds and the only time it wasn’t snowing was Mon afternoon, no complaints here powder was fantastic.

  8. Chad Niel

    “There seems to still be some disappointment for Cottonwood skiers.”

    We certainly are a spoiled bunch aren’t we :p

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