Have Your Pi and Eat It Too

Monday, March 14, 2016 at 6:42 am


Wild today with wind and snow.  Temperatures will drop through the day and snow showers should continue into Tuesday.  Once the wind calms down, there should be some great powder to be had.


Storm is pushing through right now with gusty winds and snow filling in.  An initial wave pushed through overnight.  Many resorts reporting 2-4″.   Alta-Collins sensor is showing 4″ of new snow so far.  Snow continues in the northern Wasatch and will fill in again through the morning in the central Wasatch as the cold front itself approaches.  Today could be good, but the one issue will be winds.  Winds are currently gusting over 50mph on the ridges.  These will likely calm down a little bit behind the front.

Snow showers will continue tonight in a moist, northwesterly flow.  How productive this orographic lift is will determine how much additional snow we get tonight into Tuesday.  If the orographic machine really turns on, places like the Cottonwoods could approach 2 feet.  If not, then they might be left closer to a foot.  Park City ridge should receive 6-12″ of snow.  Northern Wasatch is already doing well and should get to 8-16″ without issue.  As for the Cottonwoods, I’ll stick with 12-18″ but as mentioned, if the orographic machine really gets going, we could get 2 feet.  I’d keep your expectations in check as it’s better to be happily surprised than bitterly disappointed.

As long as the winds and potential for lightning don’t ruin the fun, today should get better and better.  Tuesday should be awesome, Wednesday could be good.  Another disturbance Thursday into Thursday night could add a bit more snow.  Overall, a good week for skiing.

We will dry out and warm up for the weekend.



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13 thoughts on “Have Your Pi and Eat It Too

  1. Jim

    Is it safe to say the NAEFS downscaled guidance and NAM 4k are a little over the top? I’m starting to think the NAM 4k should be in centimeters not inches as it’s often forecasting over double what the NAM 12k is.

  2. crabbers

    I’m hoping that Friday is decent. It seems like we keep getting storms that give great snow for Monday-Wednesday, and then it’s warm enough that by Friday it’s slush (particularly at PCMR). Friday is probably going to be my last day up this season, and I’d really like it to be a good one.

  3. Erock

    Curious as to why NOAA is SO optimistic with snowfall with this system, saying a foot overnight, foot today…

    1. Jim

      NWS has just reduced snowfall amount to “an additional 12-18 inches”. So far Snowbird has received only 4 inches, don’t know about other resorts in the area. RADAR showing the storm very disorganized. Maybe it kicks in more tonight. 18z NAM has storm weakening.

    2. Wasatch Snow Forecast

      I don’t know why their numbers were so high. 12-18″ was our forecast and even that might be a bit tough unless we can really get orographics going tonight. Hopefully we get the machine going!

  4. Moo

    It’s so tough not to get hopes up for a good storm after half a season of crap. Wish I could be happy with a wasatch dusting.

    1. Hugh Jass

      Half a season of crap? Where have you been skiing?! Someone needs to call a wahmbulance for all you cry babies in here!!

  5. Tom Bennett

    FWIW,Snowbird got maybe 4″ overnight, and maybe 2-3″ after noon. Windy, snow was weird, dry but graupel like. Decent conditions overall, upper traverses especially, but snow had shut down more or less by 3:00. When I left it just did not have that gut feel of “big storm coming” but all forecasts seem to be in agreement.

    Chance of an LCC road closure seems 50/50, I’d have a Solitude day pass as a plan B.

  6. Tram

    I’ve got about 4″ at 7800 ft just north of Park City as of 7pm. I generally get about 2/3 of what the ridgleline gets unless something really unusual happens. That means upper PC and Canyons should have around 6″ now. A bit disappointing considering the NWS was up for 20″ even back here last night. There is a lot of showers upstream of us in the NW flow so maybe it gets going. I thought there was another “storm” to come thru tom am? I think we should be in the 6-12″ range Evan predicted. Also this storm is colder then the past few which should help keep it good longer.

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