Wednesday Refresh

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 7:07 am


A weak system is bringing periods of snow this morning to the region with 1-4″ reported at Northern Utah resorts thus far.  Should make for some nice soft snow.  A big warm up late this week with mostly dry weather, then a chance for a good storm early next week.


Snow showers started early this morning and continue at this hour (6:45am) in the Wasatch.  Some resorts have done pretty well considering the weak nature of this system.  1-4″ generally being reported with a chance for another 1-2″ before we clear out later today.  Not deep powder, but enough to really soften things up.

Thursday and Friday we should see a significant warm-up with a SW flow.  On Saturday, a splitting disturbance will move through but I expect it to weaken considerably and we should only see clouds, breezes, and perhaps a few very light high elevation snow showers.

All eyes right now are affixed to the storm system that moves into the area early next week.  Both the GFS and Euro have a decent storm forecasted.  GFS is a bit quicker to move it in early Monday morning thru Tuesday, while the Euro waits until later on Monday for the storm to reach the area.  It looks to be a type of storm with decent accumulation and also a long period of moisture and instability behind the initial front, so we could get at least two really good powder days out of this storm.  The onset of this storm is 5 days away, so we’ll wait another day or two before tackling any specifics.  But this graphic should give you an idea of the storm’s potential:

Beyond that, there’s not much agreement with solutions ranging from high pressure to a cold northerly flow later next week.


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5 thoughts on “Wednesday Refresh

  1. Erock

    So this monday/Tuesday storm looks stronger than this past Monday’s! Maybe a sick day Monday vs Tuesday…

  2. Andrea Soong

    I’m trying to decide between Brian Head and Snowbasin for this storm – forecast for both shows rain right now. Any ideas which would be a better bet?

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