Happy Monday

Monday, March 7, 2016 at 6:31 am


Wasatch resorts generally reporting 6-12″ of snow since yesterday morning.  A break today as a dirty ridge sets up.  Warming late this week ahead of another western trough.  Weak storm this weekend with a stronger storm possible for early next week.


Storm yesterday was a wild one, as expected.  High snow levels in the morning with a dense cream falling above 8k feet.  Then, between 3-6pm, the front rolled through.  We had a 30 minute period of hail and lightning at my place on the Sandy bench.  Then it snowed for much of the night in the mountains behind the front.

Storm totals of 6″ for Park City, Deer Valley, Snowbasin and Powder Mountain being reported which fall directly into the middle of their 4-8″ forecast.  Cottonwoods received 10″ at Snowbird, 11″ at Alta and 12″ and Brighton, which is right in the forecast range of 8-12″ for the Cottonwoods.  The one outlier is Solitude which is only reporting 4″.   Alta’s number of 11″ is verified by their sensor data which reports that 11″ came from 1.36″ of liquid.  So the snow is dense, especially on bottom.  At least it’s “right-side-up”.

We are now generally in a break.  There is a storm that continues to pound the Sierra Nevada.  As of yesterday most resorts had already seen 2-3 feet there and probably have seen another 1-2 feet overnight into today.  As expected, California is getting pounded.  Unfortunately, that system is splitting with most energy dropping south into Mexico over the next couple days.  Utah will see some weak moisture, so we can’t rule out a snow shower or two over the next 48 hours.

Late this week, another trough approaches the west.  This is going to cause a SW flow to develop over the area on Thursday and Friday.  We should warm up considerably with well-above normal temps.  On Saturday, a system will try to push into the area, but it is fighting a losing battle with the ridge and looks to be fairly weak and/or split.

The good news is that the EC and GFS both have consensus that at least we will see a follow-up system in the late Sunday – Tuesday timeframe next week.  This storm has potential to be stronger.  There is also potential for additional systems late next week.

Current 10-day total precip for the GFS:


You can see that Northern California continues to get walloped.  Utah sees mostly scraps for the next 7 days, but then starts to get in on the action next week.

Alright, that’s enough for today.  Time for me to go ski pow!


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7 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Jim

    Snowbird skied well today. We got first tracks when they opened mineral basin. Some deep pockets in areas downwind. That was fun. Snow got heavy in the afternoon. North side snow quality was better after lunch. Busier today than yesterday. NAM is showing some snow for tomorrow night.

    1. Mike Gromer

      Yeah, Snowbird was a lot of fun today. I was in the Gad Valley the whole morning, Tigertail was great when it opened up.

  2. BlowerPow

    Evan, can you do one of those year over year snowfall charts for the various reporting stations around Utah like you did last year? I keep hearing about how much better this year is versus last but by my calculations Alta had around a foot more snow LAST year vs this year in February through the first week of March (when I was skiing there). Thanks.

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