Storm Day

Sunday, March 6, 2016 at 6:48 am


Storm moves in today.  High elevation snow showers this morning before snow levels drop this afternoon.  Heavy snow, high winds, and even some lightning possible late this afternoon. Monday powder! We start to clear out late on Monday.  Next storm possible some time next weekend.


Wind and rain in the SLC valley as I type this.  The creek outside my house is raging at the moment.  Snow is now falling up in the Cottonwoods at 6am as per webcams.  Not much in the way of accumulation just yet.

Ahead of the front, snow levels will remain relatively high.  Probably in the 7-8k range, then they will crash as the front pushes through late this afternoon.  Most of the accumulation today should be with the front and just behind the front primarily after lifts stop spinning.  Expect lots of wind today with periods of dense snow.  According to the HRRR, we could have a bit of a break midday or early afternoon.   Due to instability, would not be surprised to hear a rumble of thunder as precipitation increases once again late this afternoon into this evening.  There could be wind or even lightning holds on the lifts late in the day.  Overall, a wild day in the Wasatch.  First chair on Monday is where it’s at.

No change to the total accumulations forecasted the last several days.  4-8″ for the upper elevations with 8-12″ in the Cottonwoods.

The next system on Tuesday will split to our west and will miss Utah for the most part.  Not much happening Wed-Fri.  A trough approaches for next weekend.  The question remains how well this system will hold together, as models have varying degrees of splitting and/or weakening.  Not going to make any guesses at this point, but hopefully we’ll see some accumulating snow.  Another system looks possible for early next week.

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9 thoughts on “Storm Day

  1. Erock

    Snowbird is 3 inches of some of the wettest snow I’ve seen. Not snowing as of 230pm. Is it coming still!?

    1. Chad Niel

      That’s good though right? A layer of dense snow that gets skied in to provide a solid base for the lighter stuff tonight. Nws 24 hour still calls for snow levels to crash to valley floors.

        1. Chad Niel

          Same! I’m just excited to ski I’m embarrassed to admit how little I did in feb.

      1. ACJ

        I agree on the wetness. It was great! It’s sticking really well to the old pack, and will provide a great base for the new snow on top.

  2. Justin Wehner

    Exactly zero has happened in PC so far. We had light rain for about 15 minutes. What a letdown!

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