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Generally quiet weather for the rest of the week into the early portion of the weekend.  Weak energy could bring clouds, breezes and maybe a snow shower or two up high.  Pattern change coming for next week!


Boring weather for the rest of this week.  Weak systems clipping northern Utah will bring a few clouds and breezes.  Even a chance for a snow showers or two in the high elevations.  All attention is now squarely on the pattern change for next week.

Starting on Sunday, we should see the trough approach the area.  The main trough looks to slide down the California coast on Sunday and eject eastward into Arizona on Monday and Tuesday.  This could limit amounts for Utah, however, we should still see energy push through the region during the Sunday night – Monday night timeframe.  At this point, we are too far out to know any details as to how strong this will be.  You can see the NAEFS ensembles are all over the place, but almost all show us getting at least some precipitation:

The general synoptic pattern would suggest more storms will continue later next week.  At this point, there just isn’t enough model agreement to get into any details, but I think it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen a pattern like this for several weeks.  Right now, it looks like California is going to get battered.  How much of that makes it to Utah is still an unknown.  As always, we’ll know more in the coming days, but this is definitely good news for those of us who have been patiently waiting for storms to return.


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12 thoughts on “March

  1. Poster Nutbag

    can anyone comment on how conditions have been the past month? i was out at the beginning of feb, right at the tail end of the last storm cycle and conditions were fantastic. now that it hasn’t snowed in almost a month with warm temps and a higher sun angle, how are things? i’ll be at deer valley this weekend and want to know what to expect.


    1. Steve French

      Crust in the AM corn in the PM. Looking colder for weekend, so your experience may tilt towards the crustier side.
      There were some small-med storms throughout Feb (36.5″ all of feb reported alta) so conditions were good for short periods of time, but I suspect deer valley did not fare so well.
      One of lowest (3rd I think) snowfall February’s on record.
      Keep your expectations low or shift your trip a weekend or two back, my 2 cents.

      1. Poster Nutbag

        wish i had the flexibility in my life to push the trip and powderchase! i’m hoping the legendary deer valley groomers do their job…i’m not against a weekend of cruising groomers is that is what is in store.

        1. Faceplant

          I used one of my Deer Valley freebies this past weekend. Coverage was still pretty good but it was really icy. Bumps on SE facing sloped runs slushed up but that was about it. I avoided the groomers.

        2. Florida Sam

          Just got back. Crust AM, mash potatoes after lunch. Wax your Board/Skiis

          Coverage was good, zooming the groomers was fun and not as fast as I expected due to the warmth. The snow was getting softened up around lunch, especially in sun exposed runs. Was fun, but slushy so it grabbed your board a bit. Expect those highly shaded runs to have a longer crust than the rest.

          It was fun, but we got a few inches early in the week that made the difference.

          We did a day at Canyons / PCMR. Mad house. More people than I’ve ever seen there. Closer you got to the new lifts / Interconnect gondola was silly. Every chair packed like there was free money at the top.

          If you can get out to LCC or BCC. They had better converge than PC, which wasn’t bad either.

          1. Poster Nutbag

            unfortunately, i am locked into DV. have vouchers there. haven’t been to PC since the merger, doesn’t look like i’ll be going back anytime soon!

          1. c j s

            ha.. realized my first attempt was connected to the wrong comment and forgot to delete.

    2. Devrin Carlson-Smith

      Skied DV last weekend. Start on the Sultan Mayflower side in the am and work your way west. DV does such a great job grooming you will be fine but we havent had snow in weeks and could use a storm. Also loads of down trees from a ‘tornado’ last week. snapped clean in half. The view is stunning and you’ll have a good time. Enjoy

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