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Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 6:20 am

Wednesday update:

Quiet thru Friday.  A storm will clip the region on Saturday with a few snow showers possible in the mountains.  Accumulations should be minor.  Another storm system possible on Monday into Tuesday of next week.  Again, does not look to be anything major at this point.  WSF



Yesterday delivered a bit of fresh snow to the region.  High pressure is back in control with warming and drying over the next few days.  Chance for another storm or two to clip Northern Utah this weekend into early next week.  Nothing major on the horizon as of now.


The forecast going into yesterday was 1-4″ with more possible in the Cottonwoods.  All resorts in Northern Utah are reporting 1-4″, the only exceptions are Alta, Snowbird, and Brighton which are reporting 5-6″.  The storm performed exactly as expected.  Should be enough for you to find some soft turns today, but not an epic powder day by any means.

Ridging in place for the next few days.  The ridge will be flattened a bit this weekend and allow for a system or two to clip northern Utah on Saturday and perhaps again on Monday.  Nothing significant, but a bit of snowfall is possible.  Models not in agreement as of now as to just how much we can expect.

I wish I could say I see something concrete on the horizon but the long range models keep hinting at a pattern change but it never seems to hold in subsequent runs.  Hudson Bay low anchored over the North American continent is contributing to the west coast ridge and needs to GTFO, which should allow westerlies to break through across the continental U.S.   Not sure when/if that will happen.  Hoping for some kind of change to show up soon, I’m missing those consistent powder days we had in December and January.


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12 thoughts on “Ho Hum

  1. Jim

    Evan, any thoughts on why the CFSv2 is still optimistic about the 2nd and 3rd week of March? Does it know something we don’t?

  2. Todd Bryson

    Im seeing some forecasts for about 6-7 inches next Monday on some forecast sites. I use snow-forecast.com. Are you seeing this as well?

  3. Jim

    Any thoughts on latest GFS vs. Euro? The euro is moving the eastern troughs out sooner than GFS next week allowing for a couple of small troughs to poke through late next week into the following week. Not a convincing pattern but distinct differences between the two models in the long range. MJO almost out of phase 7..last time it was in phase 7 was early January as you may recall (we had this discussion then too) and it quickly moved along into phase 8 then phase 1, also when the long range looked terrible and suddenly changed in a matter of days. Hmmm…

  4. Josef Zee

    Coming up to see son at the U. Arizona game Saturday, skiing all week. What are the prospects for Jackson Hole? The forecast looks like as you go further N, the chance for the white stuff increases.

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