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Monday, February 1, 2016 at 5:24 am


Light snow will continue today (Monday) in Northern Utah with heavier snow in Central and Southern Utah.  Additional accumulations will be higher as you head farther south and east.  Cold temps will remain for the next few days.  A chance for some light snow on Thursday.  High pressure likely in the long range.


Snow is currently falling over much of Utah.  Light snow in the Wasatch overnight should continue through the day today before turning showery tonight.  Accumulations have generally been light, but areas south of I-80 look to have received enough for some soft turns today.  Brian Head was hit the hardest overnight as expected.  We’ll have to wait and see what they report. Park City also looks to have been hit fairly hard overnight.  Webcams show it’s still snowing in town and here’s the snow stake overnight:


Shows at least 8″ of fresh.  Today should be fun.

Cold air will keep the snow in good shape for most of this work week.  Could get a light refresher on Thursday/Thursday night as a system tries to push in.

Long range still favors ridging for the first half of February.  I hope that this isn’t too prolonged.  We need the El Nino enhanced southern jet to undercut this ridge so we can keep our snow party going!




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24 thoughts on “Welcome to Feb

  1. Erock

    Curious as to why PCMR did so much better (as well as Brighton reporting 11in) than Alta/Bird with 2 in. Interesting to me…

    1. Jim

      not an expert but I would have to guess that it had to do with the wind direction. Winds were probably from east/north east given the position of the low pressure system last night which will favor upslope flow on the wasatch back.

  2. Florida Sam

    How long does this ridging look to last right now?

    if I recall, the Climate Prediction Center was calling for above average precip for the area for FMA and also above average for Feb. One could conclude, that a slow start won’t last long, and by the end of the month it’ll start to get stormy?

    Just curious on your thoughts of the strength of the riding. Riding over the last couple years has become the bogeyman. The mere mention makes kids cry. Conjures nightmares of people stealing your ice cream.

    Riding has almost taken on a Voldermort persona…. It-That-Must-Not-Be-Named….

    I know the dreaded blob hasn’t had the influence of past years due to the strength of El Nino, but isn’t this about the peak of El Nino and beginning of the end of it’s influence?

    Some maps I’ve seen look like the blob is weakened or mostly gone. Those same maps seemt o show a good hot band for El Nino too.

    Since it’s gonna be quiet for a few days (weather wise) Would love to read a little more about the longer range stuff.

    Thanks as always!

        1. Seth Richardson

          To be honest I wouldn’t worry about it…. if you live here you should be out there shredding instead of worrying about the weather. If you dont live here and are planning a trip then it’s perfectly valid. Though no one really knows up until a few days before. The rest is just best guesses.

  3. Tom Bennett

    At my office at Kimball Junction, it is STILL dumping up here at 2:00pm. So tempted to go for Round 2!

  4. PC Telemark

    Unexpectedly awesome day at the Canyons this morning. Definitely 12″, more in certain places.

      1. PC Telemark

        Dreamcatcher around ~11:30? If we talked about ski swap tele skis and lapping first time, then yup, that was me 🙂

  5. Chad Niel

    Curious if anyone has skied Deer Valley and knows if it is getting anywhere near the love that PCMR is? If LCC gets shafted again tonight I might just go to Deer Valley tomorrow cause of my freebie.

    1. Tom Bennett

      I heard DV was great as well. But with the system switching to more northerly LCC might be the call tomorrow.

    2. Owen Boerboom

      Waist deep in the trees at DV according to a friend who skied there today. He is a bit short at 5’6″ though. Certain areas really loaded with the strong winds last night and today.

  6. Brad K.

    Brighton was unreal today. Started on Milly and was happy then went to GW and was blown away. Winds favored that side and it was f-bombing deep.

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