Sleeper Monday

Monday, January 25, 2016 at 7:14 am


Orographic showers continued overnight and locations favored by the NW flow picked up additional accumulations.  A sleeper powder day likely this morning for those areas.  High pressure will take control for the rest of this week.  Active weather likely to return for the upcoming weekend.


Additional showers continued yesterday into last night in the cold, northwest flow.  Areas typically favored by this NW flow saw the highest amounts.  LCC picking up storm totals of 20-24″ which was far better than forecasted!  BCC was in the 14-17″ range.  Other areas were closer to the forecast with 5-10″ generally being recorded.  This system was the last in our series of weak to moderate systems that started 10 days ago.  If my count is correct, we had 6 individual systems that dropped 3-7 FEET of snow over the mountains during this time period.  We are in good shape snowpack-wise and the skiing is fantastic.  So many powder days!

Today should be another powder day, especially in the Cottonwoods.  A sleeper powder day for sure as that old wildcard — orographics — played its hand in the NW flow yesterday and last night.  Just look at snowbird snowcam since they cleared it yesterday at 4pm:


Snow showers are possible still this morning but should end by the afternoon.  High pressure takes control this week with rapidly warming temps.

Lucky for us, the high pressure is short-lived.  Another trough looks to drop into the region for the upcoming weekend.  At this point it looks like mountain snow could begin as early as Friday night.  Models have been struggling with the details, but this certainly has potential to be a strong storm.  Here is the current NAEFS ensemble output:

You can see that some ensembles go HUGE while others have virtually nothing for us.  I’d expect us to be somewhere in the middle, but this illustrates the uncertainty at this point.  We’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

Spent some time looking at snowpack numbers this morning.  Most areas are above the median currently and many have already exceeded the peak snowpack from last year.   I’ll try to do a full look at some point this week.



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One thought on “Sleeper Monday

  1. Brett

    Sleeper for sure! Brighton was epic this morning and empty. Face shots galore – what a great day – two epic days back to back.

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