Snowy Sunday

Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 6:11 am


Fresh snow overnight for all Utah resorts.  Snow showers will continue today, particularly in areas favored in a northwest flow.  Should be a very good powder day.  A break in the action with rapidly warming temps for the work week.  Active weather likely to return for next weekend.


Storm rolled through overnight.  As expected, it wasn’t anything too significant but all resorts in the state of Utah seemed to have picked up snow.  Almost everybody was in the 4-8″ range, which was the forecast for non-Cottonwoods resorts.  Now, we are in the cold northwest flow section of the storm.  We should see scattered snow showers today with the most persistent snowfall in the Cottonwood Canyons.  I’d expect just another inch or two, with perhaps 3-6″ additional in the Cottonwoods.  Overall, the storm is performing as expected.   Here is a timelapse at Solitude yesterday and overnight — you can see the day start sunny, then snow showers move in during the afternoon, then snow for most of the night:


Today should be fun!

High pressure takes control by Monday and strengthens through mid-week.  Very warm temps likely at elevation with a bit of inversion for the valleys.  Luckily, we already have active weather back in our sights.  Models are struggling with the details and strength, but it looks like next weekend should, at the very least, feature some snow.  Outputs vary from a weak system to a potentially strong storm.  We’ll just have to wait for one solution to stick before we start to speculate.  Stay tuned…


P.S.  I mentioned the other day that the hype for the east coast storm was absolutely warranted.  Many locations recorded their largest ever daily snow yesterday.  NYC/DC/Baltimore saw 24-30″ of snow.  With more than a foot for millions upon millions of people and as much as 3 feet in some, more rural areas of N. Virginia, Maryland, and Southern PA.    Here is a timelapse of the snow:


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