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Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 7:13 am


A short break today and tomorrow as resorts dig out from 5 storms in the past week which have dropped more than 50″ of snow in places.  Next storm pushes in Saturday afternoon, bringing snowfall thru Saturday night into Sunday.  A break in the action for most of next week.


Yesterday’s storm pushed thru quickly and forcefully.  I tried to get up BCC and spent an hour just waiting in line before I turned around.  Apparently they were very diligently inspecting each car’s tires before allowing them up the canyon.  It was my first missed powder day of the season.  Still, if you did make it to the resorts, it looks like a fantastic day.  Banding of heavy snow fell on an area from Salt Lake City to BCC to Jeremy Ranch area and extended on to the PC ridgeline.  Heaviest totals were therefore seen in BCC (13-14″) and Park City (7-9″).  LCC reporting 6-8″.   Resorts up near Ogden/Logan reporting 3-6″.   Sundance got 12″ storm total.

All in all, another decent storm to add to an incredible week.  Every day, it seems, has been a powder day.  Brighton snotel has shot out ahead of last year’s numbers and is now ahead of each of the last 4 seasons:


Right now we are in a short break with mostly clear conditions today and tomorrow.  Next storm approaches on Saturday.  Snow should fall from Saturday afternoon, thru the night, and into Sunday morning.  The flow will start out SW but will shift to NW behind the front late Saturday evening.  Snow levels will initially be in the 5-6k range but should quickly fall down to valley floors Saturday night.  Total accumulations right now look to be in the 6-12″ range with perhaps more for the Cottonwoods.  A good, moderate sized storm.

By Monday, we should start to clear out.  Next week looks dry with a warming trend.  We’ll have a few days to enjoy sun and snow again.  The break in the weather looks to last about 5 days.  Models currently have a storm system moving into the region January 29-30.  Details on strength and timing are impossible at this point, but we’ll keep an eye on it.


P.S.  If you remember back several days, I mentioned that during the Thursday-Friday time frame, all attention would be on the east coast.  Sure enough that storm is the talk of the town.  If you live in he mid-Atlantic and are wondering if I think all the hype is warranted, the answer is an emphatic, “yes”.   This storm certainly looks like it will drop more than a foot of snow over a widespread area.  It’s possible N. Virginia, DC, and Baltimore could get up to 2 feet of snow.  Philly, not far behind.   Luckily, this will mostly fall on a Saturday and won’t cripple business quite as badly as it could have on a weekday.  Shred Capitol Hill!

Here’s a map of the latest NAM snowfall output:


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8 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. Chad Niel

    I’m currently in Baltimore. Based on how poorly they handled 2 inches of snow last night, I can’t even imagine what a nightmare it would be here if they had two feet! Thank god I’m flying out today.

  2. Mark Valenti

    Thanks for posting these! I check your page everyday. We were some of the lucky few to make it up BCC yesterday, it was a very slow and sketchy drive… but well worth it! Solitude was deep, unfortunately they did not open Honeycomb due to winds, but overall an amazing day!!

  3. Andrew Maddocks

    Appreciate the DC shout out–I’ve been reading from here in anticipation of an Alta trip in early February. I’ll Instagram you some Capitol Hill-shredding shots, god-willing.

  4. Brad K.

    Anybody know what’s up wth SkiUtahs snow reporting? There’s been a few days that make me question it but yesterday they reported 4″ at Brighton and today they only have 2″. I was up there yesterday it seems like they are missing like 10″ of snow.

    Evan where do you get your numbers from? Your 13″-14″ inches seems way more accurate.

    1. Luu Kee

      Brad – skiutah’s snow totals are updated by/in conjunction with resort’s totals. On the 21st Brighton reported 2″ AND on the 22nd Brighton’s 48hr is 2″. So unless Brighton reported incorrectly 2 days in a row… I am unclear with what the discrepancy is ?

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