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Snow will fall today as an unstable northwest flow prevails.  Additional accumulations should cease by this afternoon.  Dry on Thursday and Friday.  The next storm pushes in during the day on Saturday, lasting thru Saturday night and into Sunday.


Our current storm is pushing through.  The first wave moved through yesterday evening and was rather unimpressive, although some locations seemed to do well.  BCC, Park City, and the Northern Wasatch did close to expected overnight with 2-5″ being reported.  LCC did very poorly with just an inch at Alta and Snowbird.  Sundance was again the big winner with 11″ of new snow.  This is quite reminiscent of a storm last month where they received 17″ when all other resorts reported far less.  Not quite sure what it is about these two systems that favor Sundance so much.

Anyhow, we’ve now switch to a colder, more unstable northwest flow and showers are filling in again nicely.  You can see this on the current (6:30am) radar:


You can see snow is already falling in earnest up at Solitude:


I’d expect 3-6″ today to be a good bet.  The Cottonwoods are favored in this flow so perhaps a bit more is not out of the quest for them.  Should be a very good ski day.

Thursday and Friday will be breaks in the action, a good time to discover hidden stashes and maybe venture into the backcountry after consulting the UAC.

Next storm rolls in during the day Saturday and last until Sunday morning.  Yesterday, both the EC and GFS backed off on precip for the weekend storm, but now both have come back a bit stronger in the overnight runs.  It’s certainly not a major storm, but it could still bring halfway decent totals.  Ensemble spread is quite high as you can see from this QPF chart from NAEFS ensembles:



You can see that the range is anywhere from a trace to 2″ of liquid.  We will have to keep an eye on this over the next few days.

 Long Range: 

Models have continued to be consistent showing us drying out and warming up for the first part of next week. Then, sometime around the 29-30th of January, a trough should dive into the area and bring us more chances for snowfall.  With any luck, this active pattern will continue as we head into February.


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8 thoughts on “Titleless

  1. Jim

    Hey Evan you say a trace to 2″ of liquid..is it not more like 1″ to 3″ with the mean being 2″?

  2. Young Crouton

    Brighton easily had a foot of fresh today. Milly bowl & the doors off Great Western were bottomless.

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