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Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 6:28 am


6-12″ of fresh snow from yesterday’s storm with a couple locations reporting over a foot!  Storm definitely performed better than expected.  A break today before the next storm pushes in for tonight into tomorrow.  Additional snow amounts of 6-12+” are likely by late Wednesday night.  Another break Thurs and Friday, before snow returns for the weekend.


What a day yesterday!  The official forecast was 3-6″ with more possible if the consistent snow band could hold through the day.  It did hold.  I was in BCC yesterday and it snowed lightly from 8am-11am, then moderately from 11-12, then from noon to 3pm it dumped at 2-3″ per hour, before transitioning back to light snow for the late afternoon and evening hours.  In total,  9-13″ fell in the Cottonwoods.  3-7″ being reported on the PC ridge line.  4-7″ for the northern Wasatch.

Yesterday’s system was the fourth in our parade of storms.  So far, totals from this cycle have been 20-49″ across the Wasatch — highest amounts, predictably, in the Cottonwoods.  That means we are averaging 5-12″ per storm.  Not big storms, but not too bad either.

Today is a break as the next system approaches.  Should start snowing again this evening.  Tonight, I think places like Snowbasin could be favored in a SW flow ahead of the trough axis.  Cottonwoods and PC could do ok as well.  There may be a lull in snow tomorrow morning as the storm transitions to the second phase which is a colder NW flow.  Would expect heavy snow to re-develop tomorrow during the day, especially in the Cottonwoods.  I expect another 3-6″ tonight with 3-6″ tomorrow for storm totals of 6-12″ for the Wasatch.  I would not be surprised if the Cottonwoods did a bit better than that.

First chair today will be killer.  All day tomorrow should be fun.  Plenty of stashes left over Thursday and Friday as we have a bit of a break in the action.

It looks like the next storm arrives for Saturday into Sunday.  Another healthy dose of snowfall is possible for the weekend warriors.

Long range:

Not much change from the discussion of the last two days.  It does look like the weekend storm will be the last in this series as high pressure builds in for 4-5 days next week.  Still looks like a transition back to a cold, stormy pattern is likely for the end of the month.


P.S.  If you didn’t catch it, there was a snowpack summary done in yesterday’s discussion, although the numbers have already improved some with yesterday’s snowfall.

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10 thoughts on “All Smiles

  1. Jim

    GFS performing better last few days. Seems to have figured out pattern and is more in sync with euro.

  2. Mattypowpow

    Did you see the difference in the PC vs. Canyons snow stakes? PC barely got 2″ last night while Canyons was up to 7-8″. 99 and Super Condor are probably going off right now…

  3. Bradley Parker


    I was at Alta yesterday until the last chair and there was a huge traffic jam going down. Passing by snowbird after 7pm it was still super slow traffic but not a single car coming out of any of the snowbird gates. People were talking about the traffic being stopped at the top because snowbird closed the road to let all of the snowbird people go down first. And it did sort of look that way when I went by.
    Does anybody know anything about this?

  4. NoSnowDownLow

    So, it looks like by the end of the weekend, most (if not all) resorts will have had more snow this season to-date, than they had the entire previous season. “Average” is turning out to be pretty snowy!
    I took a picture a year ago (it popped up on my facebook) and Mt Timp was bare rock/grass with the exception of the top 1000ft. Right now it is deeply blanketed and white to valley floor in Alpine/Highland/Lehi. What a difference a year makes.

  5. TreeRuns

    First chair on gad, then first on LC. Couple of epic runs. Couple of rude older gentlemen cutting lines, 2nd time this past couple of weeks. Please show respect.

  6. Steve Noufer

    Curious about this weekend storm. GFS makes it look like less precip the further north you go. I’m planning on sking Snowbasin/PowMow this weekend. Any thoughts as to how they might do compared to PC and Cottonwoods? Or for that matter, Sundance. Would like to get some powder before the dry spell next week.

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