Weak but Active

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at 7:07 am


Active pattern continues to favor southern Utah with continued mountain snowfall.  Northern Utah will see occasional snow as well thru at least Friday with generally lighter amounts likely.


Strong southern branch of the jet stream continues to carry a parade of storms into California and the desert southwest.  These storm systems are sending moisture northeast into Utah with Southern Utah favored to see the best snowfall totals.  Brian Head received 4″ overnight and 11″ over the last 3 days.  Northern Utah got just another light refresh with 1-2″ in the past 24 hours.  Deer Valley reporting 4″.

Snow should continue at times today into tonight.  A bit of a break on Thursday before the next system brings additional snowfall Thursday night into Friday.  Northern Utah looks like it will generally see a few inches above 7,000 feet today and tonight with another few inches on Thursday night and Friday. Southern Utah should do better with 4-8″ with each system.

While the next few days don’t look like deep powder days, the snow should be soft with consistent refreshes.  With so much moisture available, I would not be surprised if we saw a band of snow develop that dropped more snow than expected over a localized area.  Keep your eyes on webcams and radar and be ready to hit the mountain if such an event occurs.

Another weak systems could bring a bit of light snow to the mountains this weekend, but again, accumulations should be minor.

Long range:

The general pattern throughout the long range is to park a deep trough off the west coast with ridging over the interior west.  As systems move east, they will likely split and weaken.  Some energy could hold together enough to bring the region some snowfall, but this pattern is certainly not conducive for strong storms.  At this point, this pattern looks to continue thru mid-month and perhaps beyond.  The hope is that with time this trough will push east and allow for stronger storms to make it into the region.


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13 thoughts on “Weak but Active

  1. Jim

    Looks like both the GFS and Euro are trying to bring in some decent looking storms around the 18th/19th..as always in the long range (subject to change). At least in the interim there are chances at small accumulations here and there, unlike last January. NAM12k showing 10 inches next few days and CPC still optimistic on above average precip 8-14 days.. Way better than nothing.

      1. Bishop Wright

        That’s at least somewhat reassuring! Traveling from Atlanta, and I would hate to get skunked. But sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles…

  2. Chris Gheen

    I had a guy on the lift yesterday tell me (with confidence) there are 2 “big storms” showing up on Jan. 30th, but then wasn’t sure if it was going to snow anymore today. Look out Evan, you might have some professional weather guessing competition.

  3. Ian Schenck

    Trying really hard not to say, “Well, here we go again!”

    Half of us need to book travel out of the area. I vote for the other half.

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