Tick Tock

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 6:24 am


An active southern storm track will bring decent snowfall accumulations to Southern Utah this week.  Northern Utah will see occasional snow, but accumulations should remain on the light side.


Not too much new to update since yesterday.  We continue to see light snow at times in the Wasatch.  Resorts in the north reporting 0-2″ of snow since yesterday.  Brian Head in Southern Utah, as expected, did the best with 5″.  Brian Head and other mountains in S. Utah should continue to see the best accumulations this week.

Models have backed off a touch on how much energy will make it into Northern Utah on Wednesday.  Right now I think even 3-6″ might be a stretch for most areas.  Certainly not looking at a deep powder day in Northern Utah any time soon.

Showers could linger at times into this weekend as a moist northwesterly flow develops behind the departing trough.  Next week, it looks like a large trough will park itself off the west coast with high pressure over the interior west.  This is going to make it very difficult for systems to push into the area without shearing apart first.

Essentially, if you’re looking to ski groomers, conditions should be great for the next 10 days with occasional light refreshes of natural snow.  If you’re hoping to get some famous Utah deep powder, you may be out of luck for now.  If we can ever move that Pacific trough farther east, it will really be showtime for the west coast.   Long range models want to try to do just that for the latter half of January but at this point we can only hope.



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8 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. Jim

    The 12k NAM is showing upwards of 16 inches of snow for Cottonwoods by Friday. This is up from previous runs. Good sign.

  2. Seth Richardson

    fingers crossed, but looking like the typical spring conditions that seem to be a trend the last few years. AKA no snow and warm ups.
    Keeping expectations low, gonna be a park season I think.

  3. Andrew Ballard

    So how far out can reliably be seen? I’ll be flying over from NY to ride Jan 13, 14, and 15. If there was going to be a storm, would we know about it by now? Great site!!!

  4. Chad Niel

    I’m going out of town for business on January 18th-21st, so expect a storm. This was 100% reliable last year lol

  5. hongziyang

    Had a fun morning at the Bird. A bit dust on crust in places, but good snow is certainly there to be found.

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