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Wednesday, December 23, 2015 at 6:16 am


More snow this morning!  A trailing wave of energy will bring low density snow today to Northern Utah on top of the impressive totals we have already seen.  A break on Thursday before a weaker system moves in Thursday night into Friday with generally light accumulations.  High pressure will take control for the weekend with mostly clear and warmer mountain conditions.


Snow continued to fall after yesterday morning’s reports at most resorts.  By evening, the snowfall turned showery and continued off and on overnight.  Our next wave is just right now moving into the area currently (5:45am).  Snow should continue for much of this morning and likely this afternoon, especially in areas favored by northwest flow (Cottonwoods).  Should be an absolutely great day today with an additional 4-8″ with 6-12″ for LCC/BCC.

Looking at the snowfall totals since Sunday, my reaction is basically this….


Definitely amazed! Definitely ecstatic!  We’ve been waiting for a big storm like this in Northern Utah for a long time.  Here is a look at our updated table of totals as reported by ski resorts:


Huge totals!  Solitude and Brighton should climb over the 5 feet mark in total snowfall since Sunday morning.  Sundance has had phenomenal totals as well, with a neighboring station showing more than 5.5″ of liquid!  Incredible!  Again, more snow today should boost these numbers a bit before all is said and done.

After our snow today, we should clear out tonight into Thursday.  Another system will drop down the west coast and move inland.  This system is much more progressive in the GFS and moves east more quickly.  In the EC and the NAM, it closes off and stays consolidated as it tracks mostly to our south.  Eventually, it should lift through the area on Christmas Day, but it is not a favorable set up for snowfall for most of Northern Utah.  Southern Utah mountains could do well with 6-12″, but at this point I think Northern Utah will only get light (< 5″) accumulation unless models come into agreement on the more progressive solution.  Still, nice to have a bit of new snow on Christmas Day, eh?

High pressure will finally take control again for the weekend.  Next week it looks like we’ll generally be under the control of high pressure, but systems are going to be trying to punch through the ridge.  Models are not in good agreement on how much success these systems will have.  I’d guess that if any do manage to make it into the region, they will be significantly weakened.  Long range models are hinting at active weather returning sometime around the second week of January.

Some of the snotel data is not totally up-to-date quite yet, so I’m going to wait until tomorrow before I go into detail regarding the snowpack.  It does look like most locations have shot up to near, or even just above normal.



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20 thoughts on “Wow! Wow! Wow!

  1. Matthew Crain

    This may be a stupid question, but when you say 2nd week of January, do you the week of Jan 3, or the week of Jan 10? Heading there for week of Jan 3, hoping it doesn’t stay dry the whole time!

    1. jargonhunter

      Sorry Matthew, but I’m pretty sure it’s the second (full) week of January (i.e the 10th). You could get lucky – it is a long range forecast after all – but after Christmas it appears we dry out for at least 10 days or so. On the plus side temps will remain below average, ensuring decent snowpack preservation.

      1. Matthew Crain

        Good news about temps remaining below average – we’re going to PC so don’t need knee-deep powder days, just want snow conditions to stay decent (even 1 or 2 inch small snowfalls are good for us!)

        1. Matthew Crain

          When you say dry out, does that mean high probability of absolutely no snow at all, or does that perhaps include occasional light accumulations (2-5 inch range)?

        2. Db

          I’m with ya. Got kids and etc so losing them in the 3ft powder isn’t my idea of a good time. I’ll take the thick base and sunny skies…. Till I drive around to snowbird by myself 😉

      2. Michael

        This might be grasping at straws, but can the windy conditions in place the next few days help fill tracks in again?

  2. P Gee

    the reported snow totals yesterday were right on at Solitude…seemed like about 30″ at top of powderhorn and 2 feet everywhere else…

  3. PC Telemark

    Everything shut at the Canyons due to wind. Main gondola and orange bubble not running, so everyone just milling about at the base. Nope’d out of there. Is it too early for a beer?

  4. Jared

    Alta’s a wash for the day. Wildcat and Colins only. Backside slid all the way through East Greely. Tons of natural slides occurring everywhere, wear your beacons even in bounds. Heavy winds continued snow and freezing temps. Not the best day on the mountain.

  5. purelightimages

    Snowbird opened Gadzoom and Wilbur about 10:45 and nothing new till Gad2 at about 12:45-1. Big lines prior to that. Gad2 saved the day for me, otherwise a little too much waiting for reward.

  6. Tom Bennett

    Canyons opened late, and conditions were not as good as yesterday. But I am thankful to the snow gods for the storms that got us here, and will happily take a marginal day.

  7. Chad Niel

    Whiffed on my timing, went today instead of yesterday. It pays to stay flexible! Good news is Pdog did not open at all today and the winds are supposed to die down so… first boat tomorrow anyone?

  8. Will

    Went to Brighton today. Avoided the LCC junk show. Lots of light deep snow. Faceshots ALL DAY. Mill broke down with us on it after 4 runs but they got us off just in time to hit Gw as it opened. Awesome day.

  9. Dan V

    PC is loaded with snow. An epic storm should lead to an epic day of skiing. Too bad PCMR can’t open anything. I spent all day today running down blue runs and standing in line at Silverlode chair for 20 minutes. These guys are a joke. Nothing is open. They say high winds and dangerous conditions. Deer Valley has 17 of 21 lifts open. They are cheap or inept. Not sure which.

  10. David K

    Wow indeed! Following this blog in awe from Sydney Australia before a trip to PC mid Feb.
    You guys had more snow in one storm than we get in our resorts in the peak month of winter!
    Would love a long range prediction for mid-late Feb. Getting excited!

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