So. Much. Snow.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 at 6:38 am

6pm Update:

Still snowing…

Many resorts reporting 8-15″ of additional snow since reporting this morning.  Snow showers will continue off and on this evening, becoming more numerous as the night goes on.  Snow should continue tomorrow morning before tapering off by afternoon.  Cottonwoods should be favored in an unstable northwest flow tomorrow.

Can’t wipe the smile off my face today!  Been waiting for a storm like this for a long time.

Took a quick peak at snowpack data, looks like the Wasatch is at 95-100% of normal now and should be above normal by tomorrow.  🙂





Snow continues to fall heavily in the mountains of Utah and should continue through most of today.  A bit of a break this evening is possible before the next colder section of this storm moves in late tonight into Wednesday morning, depositing fluff on top.  A break early on Thursday before a weaker system moves in Christmas Eve into Christmas day.


Wow!  Quite the storm and still going.  Winds have subsided, but the snow keeps piling up.  Here is a look at the current (6:15am) radar, showing the hose just pummeling the Wasatch right now:


All mountains of Northern and Central Utah have seen good snow from this storm so far, but Park City, the Wasatch Back, and Big Cottonwood have been absolutely feasting off this flow.  Check out the totals today and how they have affected the storm totals since early Sunday morning!


Nearly two feet for many areas in the last 24 hours!  It’s a bit unusual to see LCC in the middle of the pack.  Great news for Park City skiers!

Empire at Deer Valley:


Snow levels are dropping currently and winds have subsided quite a bit, skiing today should actually be pretty darn good on the terrain ski patrol is able to get open.  Snow will taper off or lighten up a bit this afternoon.  Another trailing trough will push in tonight with another 6-12″ of snow likely for tomorrow’s fun!

A break late Wednesday thru Thursday.  Then another system pushes in for Thursday night into Christmas Day.  This system still looks to take most of its energy south, but wrap around precip will likely deliver some additional snowfall to the region.

With so much snow currently falling, it seems silly to spend much time on the long range.  We’ll take a look at that tomorrow.  Needless-to-say, if anybody was worried at all that there wouldn’t be enough snow for their holiday trips.  I think it’s safe to say those worries can be put to bed.



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34 thoughts on “So. Much. Snow.

  1. BCC_Skier

    I think those totals from the BCC resorts are overdone a bit. It has snowed a lot up here, but 2-2.5 feet in the last 48 hours is a lot more realistic than the claimed 3.5. It’s piling up but snowfall rates since Sunday morning haven’t averaged ~1 inch/hour. No complaints, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow and so forth, just don’t expect belly button deep turns.

  2. Matt Murphy

    Possible Alta and the Bird are under reporting? hard to believe Deer Valley got that much more snow than lcc

  3. David Victor

    Not going to make it this morning fellas. Blew out my back shoveling a foot off my driveway. Ha!

  4. Chad Niel

    As an avid LCC enthusiast part of me feels like the fan of a football team confused that my boys are losing to inferior competition LOL!

  5. Matthew Crain

    You were right on, there is a high likelihood everything will be open at PC just in time for our trip Jan. 3!

  6. Brad K.

    Just got back from Brighton and I’m gonna say that was top 5 days I’ve ever had. Super deep and light. Just amazing.

  7. Evan Whisenant

    Sundance closed for the day, ugh maybe I should delay leaving for christmas till Thursday, tommorow is gonna be EPIC!

  8. Matt Richards

    I just love seeing all of this snow from my office window. Its great missing all of these epic powder days. Should I call in sick tomorrow?

  9. Tom Bennett

    I don’t go to Park City much, but they had the goods today. Never went past the Canyons section, but the trees and chutes were semi-face shots top to bottom. Did get denser and heavier towards noon.

  10. Jim Grewe

    Beaver was easily 25+ by 10:30. not heavy or wet like we were expecting. nearly bottomless. Best powder day in 3+ years.

  11. PC Telemark

    Just back from a most excellent day at the Canyons. Tons of great runs all day. One of the best days in recent memory! Visibility turned bad around 2:30 with really flat light, so called it a day then, but still a fair number of good pockets, especially in the trees.

  12. Braxton

    I was about chest deep in untouched powder at Brighton this morning, especially on great western. Deepest powder I’ve ever been in. Definitely the Best day I’ve ever been.

  13. Jeremy

    love the passion on this thread! Any idea where would be best tomorrow? Sundance is closed so potentially epic but maybe terrain is not worth it (never been)? Seems like a lot of trails at the Bird were closed today so maybe that’s best place for tomorrow? Or back to Brighton/Solitude given the huge dump of the past couple days? Any indication would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  14. Tim

    If we’re only just getting to “normal”, I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season takes us!

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