Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 6:11 am


A very interesting storm delivered some impressive totals, especially to areas of the Wasatch Front and Southern Utah.  Snow will generally lighten up today, but additional accumulations are certainly possible.


Crazy storm so far for a lot of reasons.  Snow started Sunday night and fell hard. Then, on Monday behind the front, we saw a very weak, shallow flow that kept snow going in the Salt Lake Valley, but had trouble pushing up and over the Wasatch Crest to the Park City side.  Eventually last night, many areas saw the snow rates pick back up again and some resorts are reporting good snowfall totals once again this morning.

Here’s a look at the forecasted amounts from Sunday compared to what we’ve actually gotten so far.


Beaver Mountain/Snowbasin/PowMow: 8-15″
Park City/Deer Valley/Sundance: 8-15″
Cottonwoods: 12-24″
Eagle Point: 10-20″
Brian Head: 8-16″

Actual reports:

  • Beaver:  Not sure, but they only had 2″ yesterday afternoon
  • PowMow: 13″
  • Snowbasin: 15″
  • Park City: 11″
  • Deer Valley: 9″
  • Sundance: 11″
  • BCC: 16-17″
  • LCC: 23-24″
  • Eagle Point: Don’t know, but probably a lot
  • Brian Head:  37″!!!!!!

So far, all resorts have fallen within their range except Beaver, which is just too far east and north and not quite getting the action.  Sorry guys.  The other outside the range is Brian Head, which is way over their forecasted amount.  Getting absolutely nailed in this northerly flow.  Brian Head is a tough place to ski in that much snow!

In the SLC/PC area, it’s been interesting to see the reactions.  Yesterday it was an overwhelming, “OMG, so much snow!” from those of us in the valleys and benches.  I picked up 17″ of snow as of yesterday and got an additional bit overnight.  On the Park City side, there were a lot of complaints as the sun started to come out after only 3-4″ fell in town.  Two very different reactions.

Anyhow, certainly a storm to remember… and it’s not over yet. Yesterday I got after it in LCC.  Here’s the proof courtesy of Photo John:

Photo-John Photography

Photo-John Photography

From here, we see occasional snow continuing today before tapering off tonight.  Tomorrow night into Thursday, we’ll get clipped by a trailing wave in Northern Utah that could bring some additional light accumulations.  This chance for snow remains through Friday as a system pushes in to our north.

The weekend should start out mostly dry.  A chance of snow will return on Sunday ahead of our next big storm.  Still very early, but right now the models show this one having a lot of potential.  The days leading up to Christmas could be quite snowy if this pattern were to verify.  We’ll keep our eyes on it for you!


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20 thoughts on “Whoa!

      1. Andrei Malyuchik

        I’m paraphrasing but they said: “Wasatch Snow Forecast reports 37″ of snow in Brian Head” It wasn’t national service talking about you, but still cool. They said it as I was reading your report.

  1. Phillip Rhoades

    One of the best storms in years at Brian Head when you consider the quality of the powder. Enough to fill in the gaps on our steeper runs to actually be fun without worrying about dreaded early season coverage as much. Always a good sign to see the groomers running continuously through the day. Should be some good powder left for people today. Midweek powder!

  2. Gretchen

    TOUCHDOWN Wasatch!! I’m having a hard time keeping my excitement contained!! AWESOME Picture btw… Hey, what does LCC stand for? Anyone? Anyone? 🙂

  3. Nathan Chaszeyka

    The biggest winner in Northern Utah appeared to be Bountiful with up to 28″ reported in some areas.

  4. John Shafer

    Super psyched about that photo of you in the white room and I’m glad winter finally showed up. Thanks for sharing the photo 🙂

          1. Michael

            Well, if you’re going to post SWE for days 1-7, then I might as well drop this in there for days 8-14

  5. Justin Wehner

    Definitely a weird one. We got WAY more snow (gotta be approaching a foot, and steady light snow still going on) in Jeremy Ranch than in PC at the resort. That is the opposite of normal – guess that’s what happens when the winds can’t push things over the crest, since we’re at a bit of a low point.

    Still, I’ll take it over “today’s update: ridging” ala last year.

  6. sweetenilorac

    Skied PC today. Lucky if they got 2 inches in that storm. Not sure where the 8″ inches came from. 🙁

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