Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 7:17 am


Chance for light snow showers in far Northern Utah Friday evening, but other than that, relatively quiet weather thru the weekend.  Potential to get some stronger, colder systems into the area starting late next week.


Not much new to talk about today that wasn’t covered yesterday.  The Pacific NW and British Columbia are about to start an absolute barrage of moist storms.  Check out forecasted snow totals over the next few days via OpenSnow.com:


…and there are more storms outside the 5-day window.  Hubba hubba!

For Utah, the far north will be grazed by weakening southern branch of these systems.  This will create a chance for a few snow showers Friday night into Saturday morning and again possibly next Tuesday.  Accumulations look to be minimal, if anything at all.

For the past week, we’ve been highlighting December 10th as the day it looks like the pattern will change.  That’s still the case as high pressure retrogrades and strengthens north of Hawaii, causing the jet to sag south in a more amplified pattern.  Right now, it looks like our first decent shot at snowfall will be Thursday or Friday of next week (December 10-11).  Most models keep some type of active weather continuing for the region.  It’s still very early, but hopefully this will turn out to be the pattern we’ve been waiting for.  Certainly does look promising as of right now — check out this animation of mean heights from the European ensembles:


This is the North Pacific.  Utah is on the far right of the image.  You can see the high pressure (warm colors) at the beginning of the animation.  The date is up top for reference. You can see that on December 10, the trough (cool colors) sinks into the region.  The ensembles strongly point to this troughing sticking around through the long-range with high pressure in control in the north-central pacific.  This is a good pattern for snowfall for most of the western U.S.

This is all very encouraging, but I think it’s still far too early to get excited.  Maybe once the storms are on our doorstep we can start dreaming of deep pow turns… Stay tuned!


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8 thoughts on “Potential

  1. Jim

    That is an amazing amount of snow for Whistler…the only problem is the snow levels will be very high with these storms. Only the highest elevations will get dry snow.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast

      Right. I mentioned that yesterday. I don’t think any elevation will get “dry” snow to be honest. I think the base will be mostly rain. Plus, not a lot of the mountain is open, and with this quantity of heavy, wet snow, I doubt they’ll be able to get much open during the storm either.

      1. Jim

        For sure rain at the base. According to snow-forecast.com (which uses GFS data) the base elevation will get over 300mm of rain….ouch. You are probably right even the highest elevation will be wet cement. Classic pineapple express.

        1. Derek Weiss

          We took a hit below 2k in Ketchikan with torrential rains. Upcoming storms look promising for snow to 1500 or so. Snowpack up high survived.

  2. Steve Noufer

    Although hopeful, the last couple of years have taught me not to get excited until a storm actually arrives. But Utah is definitely due.

  3. Steve Noufer

    The CPC maps continue to look very favorable for 6-14 days out. I’m pretty sure it was because of the snowboarder I sacrificed. If it comes true, I would appreciate some gratitude.

      1. Steve Noufer

        Haha. I think it has something to do with being trapped in an office and dreaming of my upcoming trip that starts immediately after the end of that time frame. But I will admit to being predictable.

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