Northwest Taking Their Turn

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 7:29 am


The Pacific Northwest is under the gun with a train of systems.  Northern Utah will only get a few snow showers as energy grazes the region at times over the next 7 days.  Cold storms could drop into the area starting later next week.


The Pacific Northwest and southwestern British Columbia are going to get hammered over the next 7-10 days with one storm after another.  Check out this animation of QPF, you can see absolutely prodigious amounts of rain and snow for that area.


All those purples are off the charts amounts of 20″ or more of liquid.  Here is the WPC’s 7-day QPF output:


This is just for 7 days rather than the full 10, but it shows widespread areas of 15+ inches of rain, with a max of 21.2″ on the Olympic Peninsula.  Snow levels are often an issue in that neck of the woods and this is no exception as they could see them rise above 5,000 feet at times which is fairly high for that area.  Still, the tops of the ski resorts will be measuring snow in feet.  Top of Whistler might get 10 feet of snow in the next 10 days…..  Early season lodging prices? Favorable currency exchange rate? Road trip?

Unfortunately, most of this action will stay north of our area.  A few weakening disturbances will make it to Northern Utah.  One on Friday night and another one early next week.  These will likely bring a few snow showers to the mountains of Northern Utah but accumulations should be light.

The good news is that eventually, high pressure building in the Pacific is going to force the storm track to sag south.  There’s a good chance that starting around the 10th, Utah starts getting in on some more significant action. In fact, if you look at the animated GIF above, you can see we get some precip at the end of the loop. All major models agree on at least some snowfall for the 10th-11th time frame and many ensembles are showing continued storms beyond that.  Obviously, we are still 8 days away from the start of this pattern, so no point worrying about details just yet.  Hopefully this pattern works out for us.  We need a good storm cycle as we head toward the holidays!

Stay tuned!


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  1. Chris Apicella

    I am guessing the decision about a month ago to book a trip to Whistler for next week is probably going to pan out well. #dumbluck

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