Last Day of November

Monday, November 30, 2015 at 6:30 am


Occasional light snow showers brought another inch or two to the Wasatch since yesterday morning.  We will start to clear out today with warming temperatures through the week.  High pressure looks to dominate the region for the first 10 days or so of December.


Yesterday, the big question was how much the northwest flow could work its magic.  Would it be able to overcome limited moisture and instability and bring accumulating snow to the Cottonwoods.  The answer was ‘not really’.  We did see light snow off and on, and may see a few more snow showers before the day is over.  But even the surface flow ended up not being quite right for orographics.  An inch or two looks to be all anybody has gotten since yesterday.  Here is a timelapse of snow showers moving through LCC yesterday:


Things eventually quieted down for sunset last night…



November is now coming to a close.  I’m torn on how to feel about the past month.  On one hand, we saw consistent storm action with generally cool to cold temperatures.  This was after the warmest and one of the driest Octobers on record.  So I was happy winter did show up.  On the other hand, we had about 5 separate troughs move through during the month and each one of them split and evolved in a way that was not conducive to Wasatch snowfall.  We got lucky enough to see halfway decent totals from a few of these systems (especially in southern Utah), but widespread heavy snow did not occur during the month.

December looks to start off with a new synoptic pattern.  This one features strong ridging over much of central North America with a trough off the west coast.  This trough is too far west and the ridge too strong to get us much in the way of precipitation.  Here is the current forecasted precip for the first 10 days of December:


Storms moving into the Pacific NW will have a tough time making any sort of progress east into our area.  Temperatures should generally be warm.  Some model ensembles try to shift the pattern and bring the trough into the western states around December 10-12, but there isn’t full agreement on this scenario.  For now, we are left waiting and hoping.



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One thought on “Last Day of November

  1. Pow Chaser

    Looks like we’ll be breaking out our bikes and heading south this weekend to get our fix. I’m not familiar with the forecasted precip graphic above but it looks like BC is going to get hit. Can you tell us anything about that? I know this is “Wasatch Snow Forecast” but 12 days may be too long to wait and a road trip North may be in order….

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