Half Skunked

Thursday, November 26, 2015 at 6:36 am


Cold air and snow showers will continue in the mountains of Northern Utah at times over the next few days. Massive North American high pressure may keep the storms away for awhile.


Yesterday we talked about how the risk of getting skunked in this type of system was considerable.  Well, we got half skunked with this storm.  The southerly flow yesterday developed as expected and much of the area saw a quick 3-4 hour period of heavy snowfall.  Then, by the time the flow turned easterly overnight, we were infiltrated by dry air that effectively ended snowfall early.  Overnight we saw practically nothing.  Because of this, it does’t look like we’ll reach our full snowfall potential.

Forecast going in yesterday was 4-8″,  LCC has the highest totals (surprise), reporting 6″ at both Alta and Snowbird.  4″ being reported at BCC resorts.  4″ at Snowbasin. 4″ at Sundance. 4″ at Brian head.  2″ at Powder Mountain and Park City.  Snow showers will continue at times this weekend, and while I don’t expect much accumulation, it’s certainly not out of the question to add an inch or two.   Air will be cold at least, so resorts can continue to make snow as needed.

Next week, massive high pressure develops over the heart of North America with a trough off the west coast.  California could get a system or two but I’m not optimistic about much energy reaching Utah as the ridge weakens and splits any energy it encounters.  Right now, global ensembles are in decent agreement that the trough will eventually start nosing into North America, but probably not until the second week of December.



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5 thoughts on “Half Skunked

  1. kdawnz

    Bad news bears! Skunked by this storm, and our chance for storminess the first week of December gone?! Bummer!

  2. Justin Wehner

    My apologies to everyone, I installed my snow tires *and* bought my wife a new pair of poles last week. So, really, this was inevitable.

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