Here She Comes

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 6:34 am


Snow will develop by late this afternoon into this evening and continue tonight.  Not the most impressive system, but enough snow to provide for some powder turns on Thanksgiving Day with plenty of cold air.  Snow showers are possible at times in the mountains through the weekend.


Our storm system is a absolutely crawling toward us.  You can see it well on infrared satellite spinning slowly toward us.


This system is certainly not evolving in a typical fashion for Wasatch dumpage.  You can see in northeast Nevada it has a prominent southerly flow with even shades of an easterly component.  That is going to slowly move over Northern Utah late today.  The flow will be out of the south and eventually out of the east tonight.  This will favor some areas like Snowbasin, Sundance and the Wasatch Back.  The Cottonwoods aren’t particularly favored, but they seem to do ok in any flow.  QPF looks pretty sparse, but the hope is that the slow movement combined with high snow ratios allows for accumulations to occur quickly.

I think most high elevation locations will be in the 4-8″ range.  Like several of our previous storms, I think that we could get more if things come together just right.  But the risk of skunking is considerable in this type of system so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high.  By late Thursday, most snow should be over.  Low pressure will stick around through the weekend however with cold temperatures and continued chances for snow showers.  There is a chance we could see additional accumulations throughout the weekend, but it’s unlikely to be anything more than an inch or two here or there.

For skiing purposes, Thursday morning still looks like the best time to get out there and get some fresh turns.  Nothing has changed on that front.

Long range:

As mentioned yesterday, models agree on a El Nino type pattern developing with a large ridge over most of North America with a deep trough in the eastern Pacific.  Models having a tough time agreeing on how much success storms will have of pushing into the west coast.


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11 thoughts on “Here She Comes

  1. Alex Curtis

    You talk a lot about the cottonwoods being favored by the northwestern flow… Can you elaborate and provide an explaination as to why they are favored?

    1. Scot Chipman

      Most of the snow that falls in the Utah mountains falls due to orographic lifting including the Cottonwoods. Northwest flow is the optimum direction for orographic lift in the Cottonwoods.

  2. Tom Bennett

    Just left Snowbird at 1:30, light flurries. Seemed to get a bit heavier exiting the canyon. Regulator icy but decent conditions for an early start. Tomorrow will be fun.

  3. Ryan Leick

    Snow started early at the bird today. 3″ on the car by 3pm. Wet snow falling consistently from top to bottom of the mountain.

  4. Justin Wehner

    Big fat basically zero in Jeremy as of 6pm. Crossing my fingers for tonight and hoping it’s snowing like crazy to our south!

  5. Stone McDaniel

    Not lookin all that good at the moment. Headed up Big Cottonwood with a few car/weather enthusiast buddies. I’ll check in.

  6. itsnowjoke

    Free The Powder Gloves are the steal of the century. If you don’t have some, I highly recommend them. And no, I’m not associated with the company, just love the solid product.

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