Over-achiever… for most of us

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 8:10 am


Yesterday’s snow has moved out of the area.  We will be mostly dry today with cool temperatures.  A moist flow will bring a chance for snow showers at times to Northern Utah mountains through the rest of this work week.  Storm possible right before or on Thanksgiving Day.


On Sunday, we said, “My advice would be to set expectations low for this storm.  Who knows? As long as there is storm energy in the neighborhood, there’s always a chance for us to get surprised like we were last week.”  Lucky for most of us, this storm managed to surprise us again.  It was another splitting system, but a moist easterly flow allowed for a good period of Wasatch Back upslope on Monday morning, much of which spilled over into the Cottonwoods.

The forecast going in was 3-6″ for the Wasatch with 5-10″ for Cottonwoods.  PC officially reporting 9″ of snow.  Brighton (OPENING TOMORROW!) received 13″ of snow.  I was up in upper BCC yesterday and I can confirm there was 13″ of snow when I was up there.  Alta reporting 12″, Snowbird reporting 16″.   For the PC/Cottonwoods area, no complaints whatsoever!

Farther north wasn’t quite so lucky.  Snowbasin pretty much got the skunk.  PowMow reported a few inches.  Not quite sure what Beaver saw, comment if you know.

Southern Utah did well, as expected, with 6-12″ for most mountain locations.  Some isolated reports of higher than that.  Brian Head (9″ fresh) should be in good shape for opening weekend.

As mentioned previously, Brighton opens tomorrow (Wednesday).  Snowbird bumped up their opening day to Friday.  A full list of opening dates provided by Ski Utah:


That’s 8 resorts opening in the next 8 days!  Let’s do this!

As for the forecast, a moist flow will be attempting to nose itself into far northern Utah at times this week.  That will bring us a chance for snow showers at times in the northern mountains.  Right now, the best periods for snow look to be early on Wednesday and again on Thursday night into Friday.  The NAM shows these two periods of snowfall well, with 2-3″ forecasted for Alta on Wednesday, with an additional several inches for Thurs night and Friday morning.


Of course, if the moisture stays a little farther north, we could see nothing at all.  But at this point, there’s a good chance there could be a bit of fresh snow for Snowbird and Alta’s opening day on Friday.

We should then dry out for the weekend with warming temps.  Medium to long range model forecasts right now are very interesting.  Virtually all models show a deep, strong trough dropping into the Western US in the days before Thanksgiving.  How this trough evolves is handled very differently by each model.  At this point, it looks like we’ll have much colder temperatures and at least a chance for snow.  We’ll be keeping a very close eye on this over the next few days so stay tuned.



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    1. Florida Sam

      based off their webcam…. uhhhh no way. Their site says they have a 3 inch base and the webcam is calling that a lie lol

  1. Alex

    The weather this season is already way more interesting to watch than last season. Last year all I remember reading was “nothing in the 10 day, pattern change in 3 weeks?!”

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