Break Time

Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 8:54 am


A break in the action over the next few days before our next storm moves into the area late on Sunday into Monday.  More snow likely for Utah mountains!


For the most part, we have cleared out.  Some great shots of powder under bluebird conditions yesterday.  This one is from Matt Baydala (@iskideeppow), who is consoling himself after his beloved Mets lost the World Series by drowning himself in powder:


Location: Catherine’s Pass, LCC, Utah

There is a weak disturbance clipping far northern Utah this morning.  Webcams at top of Logan Canyon showing a touch of light snow this AM:


Should clear up soon with minimal accumulations.

We have a break in the weather for most of this weekend.  Next trough will approach on Sunday with a cold front moving into the area late Sunday afternoon or evening.  Snow should continue into Monday morning.  Like it’s predecessors, this storm is splitting.  Storms splitting during early season is common, and just a symptom of the pattern we happen to be in right now.  It’s not indicative of a bad winter by any stretch just yet.  The big question is how early this storm splits — if it splits to our west, the best snow in Utah will likely be to the south of the Wasatch in the mountains of central/southern Utah.  If it holds together, we could see decent accumulations throughout the state.  At this point, accumulation forecasts are tricky, but if it holds together, it has potential for 4-8″ with 6-12″ in the Cottonwoods… again, if it holds together.  In any case, more cold air behind the front will allow for snow-making to continue!

After this first storm exits the region, there is a second wave for later next week.  Models have been bouncing back and forth on whether this sinks into the Great Basin, or whether high pressure forces this to stay to our north.  At this point, I have no idea which solution will win out, but there is a possibility we could have a second round of snow later next week.


A lot of comments yesterday about what a great start to the season this has been.  Yeah, we’ve seen some snow and cold air over the last 10 days, but we are still running below the median for virtually all locations.  Here’s the latest and snowbird snotel:


We are at 61% of median.  Slightly ahead of last year.  A look at the entire Western U.S.:


You can see that the Sierra Nevada, eastern Oregon, southwest Idaho, southern Utah and most of Colorado are doing well, but Northern Utah and most regions to our north are running below normal.  The Cascades are also running behind a bit.  These numbers this time of year should be taken with a massive grain of salt as it’s so early that even just a few inches of snow can cause a huge swing in the numbers….  still fun just to see how things are going so far.

Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on the upcoming storm and how it is holding together.  Stay tuned…


P.S.  Remember, even resort skiing right now is considered backcountry.  Therefore you should treat it with the same respect.  I know there are a lot of people skinning up for some early season turns.  If it’s deep enough to ride, it’s deep enough to slide.  Please check with the UAC for current avalanche conditions and threats.  If you are new to backcountry riding, do yourself and others a favor and take a class on preparedness.  The UWS’s first Avalanche Level 1 course is November 29.  You can sign up here.




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