Snowy Morning…

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 8:07 am

Tuesday midday update:

The stalled boundary and associated precip has continued through the morning.  Some signs that it is winding down and will push out of the Central Wasatch, but up to a foot of snow has already fallen!  We should see more snow showers tonight with additional accumulations likely.  We do not question the will of the snow gods, we just accept it.  WSF



Snow is falling in many locations this Tuesday morning.  Snow showers will continue into Wednesday morning with generally light additional accumulations.  A break later this week, with storms possibly returning next week.


It’s snowing! At least at my house it is, and in the Cottonwoods and Park City as well.  Reports of anywhere from a trace to several inches being reported.  There’s a bit of a stalled boundary over the Salt Lake Valley, Cottonwoods and PC this morning.  Here is the radar this morning:


Overall, it’s still a pretty lame storm in terms of dynamics and moisture, but this boundary is saving us a bit.  Yesterday evening the boundary brought a good period of snowfall to areas north of SLC.  Snowbasin picking up close to 8″ if their snowstake is to be believed:


As the radar above indicates, the heavy snow has moved south.  Check out LCC right now, getting heavy snow!


Also, I just got my first Canyon Alerts text message of the year!  Is there a surer sign of winter?!?

We should clear out later this morning and have a bit of a break.  The cold northwest flow will settle in this evening into tonight and we should see some instability showers.  The Cottonwoods will be favored, especially if the GSL helps to enhance showers.

I think with the showers this morning and the additional accumulations tonight, the Cottonwoods could still meet or maybe even exceed the 6-10″ forecasted for them.  We’ll see…  C’mon Wasatch, work your magic!

The rest of this week we should be dry and warmer as a zonal flow bring storms to our north.  Next week, models still show 2-3 systems affecting the region.  The first one on Monday looks weaker, with the potential to split again, but the hope is it would open the door for a stronger storm on its heels middle of next week.  We’ll watch and see how this evolves!


P.S.  Snow reports are much harder to find this time of year with none of the ski reports open yet.  Please comment with snow reports you’ve got from around Utah!  Thanks

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13 thoughts on “Snowy Morning…

  1. MacGyver

    I was driving north on I 15 last night at about 730 heading toward Idaho. I believe that there would be 8 inches of Snowbasin as it was hammering rain from North bountiful to Tremonton.

  2. Zach Robert

    Love waking up to white everywhere. I’m in Kimball junction in Park city and down here we’ve got 3 inches or so. I just hope the tops got a bunch so maybe I can take a couple of skin laps somewhere tomorrow! Let’s go winter!

  3. Phillip Rhoades

    Brian Head peak (snotel) is reporting 3″ so far and coming down steadily still. Radar looks hit and miss now but NOAA forecasting upwards of 10-12″ in the next 24 hours. Won’t hold my breathe but we’ll take what we can get.

  4. Jared

    I work at Alta and was pleasantly surprised to come into work today to find a solid 12 inches on the deck of the ski shop with plenty more dumping still. It’s a whiteout up here!

  5. Jim

    Snowbird website is reporting 13 inches last 24hrs…I guess storm is overachieving. Radar shows heavy snow continuing should be able to pick up a few more inches.

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