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Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 8:01 am

Friday Update:

Still looks like widespread showers and storms on Monday night and Tuesday with the remnants of Linda moving into the area.  The cool trough for the weekend of Sept 18-20 is still there, but is more progressive and farther north than yesterday’s runs, which means that it’s less likely that we’d see anything meaningful aside from cooler temps and breezes.  Very typical of Fall as the storms systems are inching closer and closer to us… WSF


Three updates in four days?!?!  Something exciting must be developing…

Warm and dry weather will continue through the weekend.  However, an approaching trough from the northwest will start pulling up moisture from Linda (now a tropical storm).  You can see all the moisture associated with Linda in this satellite loop (centered off the coast of Baja California):


By Monday, we should see moisture streaming into Utah with numerous showers likely.  The rain will likely continue on Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday as well.  Meanwhile, a cold front associated with the trough will cool us down.  Looking at forecasted 700mb temps, it looks like the snow levels could drop down to 9000 feet or so by Tuesday night… So it will be another chance for a dusting of snow on the peaks.

As mentioned yesterday, the timing of this is very delicate… and small changes to the forecast can have a dramatic impact on how much precipitation we see, but as of right now, models are showing quite a bit of potential:


After the middle of next week, we will have a short break before another possible trough moves into the PNW and potentially the Great Basin.  We mentioned this yesterday and it has continued to show up in the GFS and now is in the Euro as well.  If this were to verify, it would almost certainly bring us our coolest temps of the year around for the weekend of Sept 18-20, and probably another shot at snow showers.    Things are definitely starting to look much more Fall-like….


P.S.  El Niño is already having a dramatic effect on the world weather.  I’ve spoken at length over the past couple months regarding the incredible amount of tropical cyclones in the Pacific.  Japan is currently reeling from the effects flooding due to decaying storm Etau.  Some locations receiving 20″ of rain in one day! They may also have to deal with Typhoon Kilo soon as well.  More storms like Linda could affect our weather between now and the end of October… I have no idea what the winter will hold in store for us… but El Niño will sure make things fun to watch!

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  1. Florida Sam

    Finally, summer was looking to never end. Can’t wait to start reading your forecast daily! Helps get the stoke up for our trip!

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