Some relief… after the 4th

Thursday, July 2, 2015 at 8:03 am

It’s in the record books, June 2015 was the hottest June ever recorded in Utah — more specifically SLC.  The rains in the first half of the month are a distant memory as dominant high pressure settled over the area for the latter half with near record temps almost every day.  So we had our warmest, driest winter on record — followed by a cool and wet Spring — and now a blazing hot start to Summer.  Any relief in sight?

Unfortunately, July and August are, climatically-speaking, our warmest months, so the hot weather isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  However, there is some hope that the record, 100+ degree, temps will subside (at least temporarily).  Hot days will continue through the Independence Day holiday.  On Sunday (July 5), moisture will start to spread back into the state.  I mentioned last week that we needed the high pressure to move farther east…  Well, that’s exactly what is happening.  This increase in moisture will drop temps 6-7 degrees (i.e. back to around normal).  It will also give the region a chance for afternoon thunderstorms Sunday-Tuesday of next week.  It’s not much, but at least it’s something.  The hope is for a strong monsoon season.   Seasonal forecasts from the CPC favor this.  Pray these projections are correct!


Meanwhile, El Nino is on the verge of entering “strong” territory.  So far the effects of a typical strong El Nino have not been seen globally — for the most part.  India’s monsoon started fairly typically.  In El Nino years, India can often see greatly reduced monsoon rainfall.  Chile has had a poor start to their ski season which goes against typical El Nino logic.  This all highlights what I’ve said all along, El Nino is not a guarantee of anything — especially in Northern Utah where we can swing either way during a Nino year.   I wish I could write more on the subject, but this is a gradual process in which the main effects won’t arrive until Fall at the earliest.  Be patient.  Until then, get into the mountains to escape the heat and view the wildflowers!


Photos taken 7-1-2015


Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!


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