Welcome to Summer

Monday, June 1, 2015 at 8:54 am

May is over.  Today (June 1) is the start of meteorological summer.  May was very wet with most areas in the state ending with well above normal precipitation.  This cool, showery weather helped to preserve our meager snowpack a bit longer than expected (still well below normal).

Mostly dry this week although scattered showers will be possible.  A low pressure system will spin moisture up into Utah this weekend (June 5-7) with more widespread showers possible.  Seasonably warm temps can be expected.

El Nino continues to exist in the Pacific and is strengthening with latest SST anomalies in the 3.4 region warming to +1.3C.  This means that El Nino is moving from a weak state to a moderate strength.  Projections right now have it ending up in a moderate to strong state as we start next winter.

It is important to remember that El Nino does not always mean good things for Northern Utah snowfall.  While California and Southern Utah seem to do well, Northern Utah can go either way.  Historically in strong El Nino events, we’ve done well (e.g. 1982-83), but we’ve also had moderate El Ninos that have been below average.  As stated several times previously, I believe that the stronger El Nino gets, the higher our chances of a good winter become.  We’ll continue to watch and update as the summer progresses….


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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Summer

  1. Paul

    You seem to be very accurate for the most part and you also know a lot about El Ninos, etc. May I ask, because I can’t find where it says, if you are a meteorologist? you are better than most of them. I am a weather buff.

    1. Spank Tickleman

      Paul, Evan is too modest. He’s a freaking badass when it comes to storm forecasting or any other weather events for that matter. He consistently beats all local weather channels, The Weather Channel and Accuweather. I’ve been following him for 3 years now and there is no better source for winter weather outlooks.

  2. blackke

    Evan was dead on for Big cottonwood forecasts all winter long, keep up the fine work sir!

    Went for an over-nighter in Big Cottonwood on friday and was suprised to see how much snow there is up there still .Lake Katherine was completely frozen , ended up hiking through some deep snowpack in areas – even saw a few back country die hards headed up for some last runs

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