Closing Weekend Storm

Friday, May 8, 2015 at 8:48 am

Friday PM update:

Latest NAM continues to be very optimistic for snowfall in the Cottonwoods. Also, slight shift for more snow during the morning hours Saturday rather than Saturday evening. This could mean Saturday may be the better bet from a ski standpoint. Why risk missing the goods? Go both days!


Snowbird will be the final resort in Utah to close this weekend.  Right on cue, Mother Nature is delivering.

Today (Friday) we will see afternoon showers and isolated thunderstorms once again.  Snow levels this afternoon will be up near 9,000 feet.

On Saturday, the low will move up into Southern Utah and push copious moisture north into the Wasatch and Uintas.  Rain in the valleys with snow above 6,500 feet or so.  Significant accumulations (especially for May) are possible.  The latest 06z 12km NAM model showing the following projection of accumulations for the Upper Cottonwoods:


Optimistic totals there from the NAM….  Personally, I think totals in the 6-12″ range are more likely for Snowbird from this storm, although clearly this is a chance for more if things go our way.

As for which day this weekend will be best, Saturday will be a storm day, but the resort closes early this time of year — so there may only be a few inches on the ground by 2pm Saturday.  Sunday skiers will have the benefit of totals all Saturday afternoon and overnight.  So I think first chair on Sunday (first tram is 8am) is the way to go.  It’ll be a fun closing day!


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4 thoughts on “Closing Weekend Storm

  1. Mike

    I see that Colorado State University is predicating a very strong El Nino for next season. The same forecast called for copious amounts of moisture, even said that this will end the California drought. While we need to remember that they also said this last year they are saying that this forecast has El Nino much stronger than last years forecast.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      CSU Rams! My undergrad alma mater! Yes, very strong Kelvin Wave in play, even stronger than last year. SST anomalies are increasing in the equatorial Pacific. Lots of signs pointing to a moderate to strong El Nino. Even more so than last year. However, we still have a strongly positive PDO with warm temps off the California and Baja coast. If that sticks around next year it could again promote west coast ridging and make it hard for the southern Jet to break through in typical El Nino fashion. Lots of questions, lots of possibilities…. It’s only May… So lots of time for this to develop. I’m watching the Pacific closely. Let’s hope for a very strong El Nino.

  2. BoarderBoy

    Come on People! People to the Powder!

    Dang Mothers day, I’ll be skiing Saturday.

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