Between the Waves

Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 5:20 am

Saturday AM:

First wave moved through last night.  Forecast for this first wave was 3-6″ and sure enough, LCC looks like it got about 6″ on the mid-mountain (verified by both Alta-Collins stations and Snowbird snow stake cam).  Snowbird is reporting 7″.  Base of the resorts likely got less due to snow levels, perhaps just a few sloppy inches.  I would imagine the snow up there is going to be fairly creamy and dense today.  And 6″ might not be enough to cover the crust.  Good day? Sure.  Great day? Probably not.   Sunday still looking like the better ski day…

Next wave moves in later today.  More cool air will filter in so snow levels will drop down to near 6,000 feet tonight.  Snow on the mountain will be a bit lighter/fluffier (though not as light as last week).   Right now models are portraying 5-10″ tonight and tomorrow for LCC.  That makes sense, and in addition to what already fell last night, would put storm totals right in the 8-16″ range that has been the forecast all along.  Tomorrow (Sunday) should be good!  It’s probably not going to be mega deep, but it’s Spring powder, so you’re thankful for whatever you get!



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