End of the Road… for me…

Friday, April 17, 2015 at 8:39 am

Much quieter weather to be expected this weekend.  A very weak wave will clip us on Sunday bringing a slight chance of high elevation snow showers to the Wasatch.  Otherwise, high and dry until the middle of next week.

Late next week it looks like a closed low will form somewhere in the Great Basin and slowly meander its way thru or near Utah.  At this point, it’s impossible to know any details but it looks like at least showery weather will return for the second half of next week.  If they set up right, these slow moving storms can drop significant precip in certain areas.  I will keep an eye on that in the coming days.

In other news, I’ve been nursing a bad ankle for well over a month now.  Last week I tried to ski on it and after a few runs had to stop.   For the Wednesday storm, I took a lot of pain killer, wrapped it up tightly, and let the adrenaline of deep powder get me through the day.  I tried for a repeat performance yesterday (Thursday), but it wasn’t to be.  Didn’t even make it onto the lift before I decided to call it.  It’s most likely a wrap on my season now.  Due to a combination of illness, business trips, injury and less-than-ideal snow conditions, I only skied 38 days this year — by far my fewest since moving to Utah.  Now it’s just time to just let myself heal.  I’ll still be forecasting as long as there is something to forecast… And who knows, if something deep comes along, I’ll probably be stupid enough to buckle up the boots again.   But if it is the end, it was a great way to head into summer!

Next update will likely be on Sunday…


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12 thoughts on “End of the Road… for me…

  1. Dan Pierce

    Sorry about the ankle Evan, I felt your pain last season in February and can really relate. If this is any help, it took awhile to get better and I was worried about this season. But thanks to fly fishing, after some rest, etc., I had a very good ski season, especially snorkeling this week, and I’m 63. My advise, be patient. Thanks for another season of the best snow reports anywhere. Great pow days are ahead, I still believe in the law of averages.

  2. Laura

    Thanks for your wonderful forecasts all season and heal well. You are greatly appreciated by my family and friends who follow your posts religiously.

  3. Paul

    Some of us are into mountain weather all year long. TV channels focus mainly on Salt Lake and St. George. If you are a summer fisherman or mtn biker and a skier in the winter, it is great to know what is going on at the resorts since they haul our bikes uphill for us. Thanks a lot.

  4. Tom Keyes

    Thanks for all you have done Evan. I only skied 12 times this year so don’t feel bad. I wasn’t even supposed to be able to ski at all this season but my dr. cut me loose at the end of January. I had a full hip replacement back in october 2014 due to a bad ski incident from 2013. but hey, I utilized your forecasts wisely and followed the POWDER from north to south and back all winter 🙂


  5. Barbara E

    Thanks especially for your sense of humor despite the bleak forecasts you had to keep pumping out! Take care of that ankle so you can enjoy whatever is to come next year!

  6. CCC

    Thanks for all your time, effort, and excellence in results. My buddy turned me onto your site, and I in turn have done the same to others. I’ll hoist one tonight towards your health and recovery. Pale ale Ok?

  7. Rene Escolan

    I have enjoyed your reports all the way. We live in El Salvador where snow is only seen on some old friges… Any way, a whole bunch of us flew up there and skied Alta and Deer Valley on Easter week and for a month before our trip, you were our source of inspiration and hope… Ended up playing golf one day at Heaver City and next day skiing nicely on a couple of fresh inches you predicted. Would like to thank your reports and will be waiting for them next season, hopefully. Rene Escolan

  8. Rob

    You are the man! I’m already excited about next season…and reading your funny commentary! Thanks again for all of the great content.

  9. Chris Morgan

    Sorry to hear about your ankle — at least you were able to enjoy this last storm. Thanks again for all your great forecasts and commentary throughout the season. Have a fun summer!

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