Tax Day Refunds

Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 6:21 am


System is slowly working its way out of the area today with a few scattered snow showers likely. Truly incredible snow amounts reported in LCC.  Plenty of POW left for this morning! Next chance for appreciable snow will be late next week.


Yesterday was “Tax Day” and boy did we all get a refund in the mail!  It was a shallow storm that had a difficult time getting enough forcing to push precip up to the crest of the Wasatch.  That’s why Snowbird is reporting 48-hour totals of 42″ over it’s neighbor Alta at 35″.  It’s also why if you were out yesterday, you may have noticed that the lower half of the mountain was seeing heavier snow than the upper half.   Brighton, which is just northeast of Alta got 18″ and PCMR is reporting 12″.   Plenty of snow in the valleys too — especially for the middle of April!

So just how big was this storm? Well, in LCC it was probably the biggest of the year!  Not quite that big elsewhere, but places like Snowbasin probably received close to 2 feet.  I heard reports that the touring up there was AWESOME yesterday.  At Alta and Snowbird, this storm dropped more snow than the entire respective months of January, February, or March!

No need to tell you, but today is going to be great. Plenty of leftovers from yesterday.  It doesn’t look like it snowed much more than a couple inches since closing yesterday, but many parts of the mountains didn’t open — so when they do, you’ll need a snorkel!

As for the forecast, we will clear out later today into tonight.  Warmer Friday and Saturday with the sun doing a number on the fresh snow.  A weak wave will move through on Sunday with a chance for a few light showers.   Next real chance for decent snow will be later next week.  It’s cut-off/closed low season, and sure enough, another closed low looks like it will slowly meander into the Great Basin later next week.  These are notoriously hard to forecast, but it does look like it will be at least unsettled during the second half of next week.  More details as we get closer….

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Here is a POV edit I threw together.  There was so much snow that it was hard to keep my camera dry so of course it fogged up a bit.  Sorry for that…  But it was deep!  Hard to see. Hard to breathe. Hard to stop smiling.

April 15, 2015 from Wasatch Snow Forecast on Vimeo.

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4 thoughts on “Tax Day Refunds

  1. Theron Simpkins

    Are these cold temps hopefully going to keep the snow somewhat good until tomorrow or is today about the only chance to get some soft turns in? Id hate to get up there friday to ski some crusty bakey snow.

  2. blackke

    one of the best days of the season yesterday! WSF, thanks for telling me what day to take off. it was super deep just like the video

  3. Matt

    Tax day storm skiing was where it was at! Today, the masses came out and it mashed potato quick!

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