What We’ve Been Waiting For

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 5:55 am

Wednesday PM update: 

Just back from an unreal day up there in LCC!  Looks like we are now over the 2 foot hump and still snowing.  Right now it looks like snow will continue through this evening before finally tapering off late tonight.  But I thought it would taper off this afternoon, so who knows!  What I do know is that tomorrow is going to be equally epic! Enjoy! WSF






Radar as of 5:30am:



Persistent lake enhanced snow hanging right over the Cottonwoods.  Snow should continue this morning and start to taper off during the afternoon hours with showers becoming scattered.  An additional 4-8″ is possible in the Cottonwoods with 2-6″ elsewhere.

The result so far:



Snowbird currently reporting 13″ of snow since close yesterday!  Alta reporting 12″.  Brighton 9″ and PCMR 5″.   Although closed, Snowbasin is racking up the numbers today… Looks like almost 16″:



This is what we’ve been waiting for… Unfortunately it had to come now, when so many of the resorts are closed.  Hopefully you have a pass to one that is still open, if not, then perhaps you’re willing to earn your turns.

Wild Wasatch Wednesday is in full effect!



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20 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Waiting For

  1. Sam

    Can you do like they did in Sochi….. put a huge blanket over it till next season?!?

    Crazy to think there is more pow in 1 day in April than basically all of February.

  2. Will it ever snow again in Tahoe?

    Is it worth flying up tonight or will all the fresh stuff be gone (or mashed potatoes) by tomorrow?

  3. Roc

    It will be incredible tomorrow. There were only 5/9 lifts open and very limited terrain due to avalanche control at snowbird at 1240 when I left. Damn job. waist deep in many spots and Stoll dumping. Book a flight now. Tomorrow will be tits deep and they should open more. You’re welcome 🙂

  4. jim

    does anyone know what the real snow totals are so far…snowbird snowcam shows almost 16 inches but they claim 25 inches last 12 hrs and 36 inches last 24 hrs. Alta website says 20 inches storm total plus 3 inches since last report so I guess 23 inches. Where does snowbird get 36 inches?

      1. jim

        I think it’s a glitch because about 2 hours ago when I last checked they said 25 inches last 24 hours and now suddenly it says 36 inches. 25 inches I believe. Tomorrow will be insane!

  5. Tom

    I second Roc: At Snowbird it was easily two feet, knee deep everywhere, thigh deep many places, waist deep in the sweet spots. Limited terrain was open but a little creativity went a long way. Surpisingly deep in GadZoom area, that was a shocker. Through the red gates, where possible, seemed to be the call.

    I talked with a couple of patrollers who said slides were releasing all over the place, hence the tight control. Hopefully that will resolve overnight and pre-open tomorrow.

    They opened Pervian lift and The Cirque around 1pm, but it was still dumping when I left at 2:00. Mineral Basin, Mineral Cloud, High Baldy traverse untouched. Tomorrow will be off the charts.

    1. jim

      I brought up same point earlier..alta is now reporting 29 inches and base of 95 inches up from 70 before storm. Makes sense with some settling. 40 inches at the bird.? They are reporting 95 inch base as well. Doesn’t add up. Glitch with their reporting.

  6. Tom

    @chartseer aaaarghhh! But happy for everyone who got High Baldy 🙂 still should be plenty left and more from last night today (Thursday).

  7. reed

    high baldy was ridiculous. tram line was so long that it was faster to take pdog and hike to the traverse. fields of glory were unbelievable. was easily 3′ when i left at 4 on tax day.

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