Story of the Year

Friday, April 10, 2015 at 8:44 am

Friday update:

Models over the last 24 hours have really trended poorly.  The last few days we’ve seen a decent trough showing up for the middle of next week.  Now, however, the trough is progged to stay much farther north with just another brush-by system.  Spring seems to be winning the battle right now…

There’s always a chance models could trend deeper with this trough again, but right now I’m not optimistic.  Hopefully you got up an enjoyed the fresh snow Wednesday and Thursday because it may be awhile before we see powder again…


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3 thoughts on “Story of the Year

  1. AZ

    Keep the beatings coming…. this way next year nobody’s going to whine..

    BTW folks, it WILL be a better next year… anyone wanna bet?

  2. Noah

    My wife wants to move to here from Jersey. I’m worried about the winters tho. Is that at all warranted?

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