Storm update/wrap-up…

Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 7:18 am

Yesterday’s storm has moved east but instability showers linger.  Could see occasional snow in the mountains today with an inch or two of additional accumulation.

Accumulations yesterday were highly variable by locations.  LCC got the highest accumulations with 8-10″ yesterday and 48-hour totals since Tuesday AM of 10-12″.  That is where I was yesterday and the skiing was good and got better throughout the day.  Unfortunately, there was a sheet of boilerplate ice under the snow and it never quite got deep enough to fully bury that so even at the end of the day your high-speed turns were scraping the bottom.  BCC reporting 5-6″ of snow yesterday.  PC seems to have had a difficult time getting the snow to push over the crest of the Wasatch yesterday.  Canyons is reporting 5″ on the upper mountain but PCMR and DV reporting 1-3″.   Snowbasin is closed, but their snowstake cam showed 8″ accumulating yesterday, so they did well:



Skiing today, Thursday, should be halfway decent.  First chair in LCC should provide some pow, although you may still feel the crust.  Might want to consider hiking for some turns before the sun turns the snow to mashed potatoes.

We will be dry this weekend with only a few clouds from a storm passing to our north on Sunday.  Next Tuesday into Wednesday is the next storm.  Right now it’s hard to say how much we can expect, but there will certainly be a chance for another Wednesday powder day next week if things work out for us… Stay tuned.


P.S.  Here is a nice video of the fluff from yesterday provided by The Daily Pow:


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  1. John A

    Flying out from NY City in 4 hours to Snowbird for 5 days. So glad to get away regardless of conditions. Bad day of skiing better than any day of work !!!

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