Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 6:24 am


Warm weather continues this weekend.  Weak storm moves in on Monday with cooler temps.  Perhaps a stronger storm on Wednesday with lingering snow showers on Thursday.


Expecting a warm and pleasant Saturday and Sunday.  A weak system will brush the area on Monday bringing a cool down but precip looks unlikely, still… can’t rule out some light snow showers in the mountains.

Still watching the possibility for stronger system moving in on Wednesday.  Right now models have it hitting most of northern Utah with at least halfway decent precip.  Snow showers linger in a cool, unstable post-frontal northwest flow on Thursday and maybe even early Friday.  As for accumulations, it’s far too early to know anything in detail but the NAEFS ensemble mean showing this for the Upper Cottonwoods:



Anywhere from a few tenths of liquid up to nearly two inches.  The mean however is about .9″ by the time all is said and done — that would translate to 9-12″ of snow.  Again, far too early to call that a forecast, but just an initial look.

As I said yesterday, right now I’m setting expectations low for myself.  After the year we’ve had, it’s hard for me to have faith until it’s on our doorstep.  So I’m watching and hopeful, but won’t get excited until I’m buckling up the boots.   Stay tuned….


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