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Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 6:19 am


We clear out under cool conditions today before a rapid warm-up brings us well above normal temperatures by Saturday.  A few weak systems could bring clouds and a few showers next week, but major storms look unlikely anytime soon.


Storm is all done.  48-hour totals came in right about where expected.  7-13″ reported in LCC and BCC (highest amounts in BCC).  5-8″ at PC resorts.  6″ at Snowbasin. 11″ at Powder Mountain.  So aside from Powder mountain, which exceed forecast amounts, virtually everybody else fell comfortably within range.

Now it’s all about Spring.  We are going to warm up again rapidly as high pressure takes control.  Saturday should be the warmest day with 70s in the valley and mid to upper 50s on the mountain.  Slush fest!

Long range:

Early next week the high pressure will weaken and retrograde out into the Pacific.  This is going to allow a series of weak systems to move into the PNW and British Columbia.  We could get grazed by these with a few spring-like showers, but major storms look unlikely through at least the next 10 days.  The pattern in early April becomes slightly more favorable for storms, but at the same time, it becomes harder for winter storms to form as the seasons change.  We are running out of time.

Unless we have an absolute miracle during the last few weeks of April, it appears the lowest snow on record is our destiny.  At this point, we might as well fulfill our destiny — that way we can say we’ve all seen the worst year on record.  Who wants an “I survived Utah winter of 2014/2015” t-shirt?


P.S.  Huge thanks to those who have donated over the past 2 days!  The contributions, as well as the kind words that have accompanied many of them, are appreciated greatly.  If you wanted to donate, but haven’t had a chance yet.  You can do so at anytime by clicking “Donate to WSF” on the menu bar, or clicking the button below:

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11 thoughts on “Back to Spring

  1. Nick

    I realize there are no open resorts uphere with the Beave closed for the week…but we got 16″ at 8400′ here in the Bear Rivers.

      1. Nick

        Not too big a bummer. If it weren’t getting so warm in the next couple days we’d be getting fresh tracks for a week up here from this storm. The Beave was pretty awesome last night and I think the snow will last through today but w warm sun tomorrow, that’s pretty much our window.

  2. Thomas (Tad) Sedgwick

    Still had a decent season and your forecasts made it even better. The donation is worth keeping you at it.

  3. donna nelson

    Thank you for daily reports. we live in Florida and have a rental home on Powder Mountain. I live and breath by your website as it is always truthful and accurate as weather forecasting can be. I love the idea of a T-shirt. But hopefully the snow will fall on my birthday trip and we won’t be able to make the claim. We donated so hopefully you will be back next year!

  4. tuan


    Thanks for the awesome job these last few years. I woke up every morning during the winter refreshing your site for an update. I am really grateful for all your hard work. I will donate when I get home.

    Its been a bummer of a season for me. Its my last year here in Utah and I was really hoping and optimistic that this year would be the YEAR. I mean what are the odds that Ill go 0 for 4 and not have at least an average Utah snowfall year?

    Anyhow, I still had a blast the last 4 years and my snowboarding has progressed immensely. Again, thank you for having this site up.


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