Round 2

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 7:14 am


A second wave will move through the region later today with snow re-developing in the mountains of Northern Utah.  By Wednesday, we should start to clear out with high pressure taking control for the rest of the week into the weekend.


Yesterday’s initial wave moved through just as expected.  Heavy snow fell in the morning before turning showery for the rest of the day.  Accumulations with the first wave were 10″ at BCC resorts, 6″ at LCC resorts, 3-5″ at PC resorts and 3-6″ in the Northern Wasatch (Snowbasin/PowMow).

A second wave today is just now pushing in and will increase snow this afternoon..  2-6″ additional inches are possible by late tonight.  So overall, we shouldn’t have any problem meeting or exceeding for the forecasted amounts by the time all is said and done.   Here is a look at the next wave just now (6:45am) pushing into far northwestern Utah:



The HRRR model then gives us a radar simulation of what today’s frontal passage will look like, you can see a fairly well-defined front pass through the Wasatch Front and Range later today:



It’s not going to be mega-deep, but both today and tomorrow should be fun with some fresh snow softening up turns further.

Later this week, high pressure takes control and we warm back up.  Early next week, both models show occasional weak systems brushing the area but I don’t have much confidence in timing or strength.  It does not look like significant snowfall is possible anytime through at least the next 10 days.  Still some indications of pattern change during the first week of April, but I’m not going to put much faith in that until I see something solid show up in operational model runs.

Enjoy the fresh snow we do have!


P.S.   Although more snow will fall before the season officially closes, it’s that time of year where we have to accept that the season is generally winding down.  As you’re all well aware, this has been a rough season.  In fact, as discussed last week, it could be the worst season ever in terms of total snowfall.  If you think it was tough as a skier/rider, imagine how it’s been for me to have to wake up every morning just to share more bad news…. NOT FUN!  However, I tried to stay positive and even add a bit of humor here and there.  I’ll still be forecasting as long as there is snow to forecast, but if you’ve been happy with the service provided by WSF this winter.  Please consider making a donation.  WSF is a free service but donations help to make it worthwhile for me to put in the hours required every day to make forecasts and answer questions — even just a few bucks help.

All donations are secure through PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted if you do not have a PayPal account.  Big thanks to those who have already donated!  -Evan

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10 thoughts on “Round 2

  1. Bruce McLeod

    When a storm is approaching I always check your site for the best details and forecasts. Along the way I might learn something, maybe a new a new word (like orographic) which helps when talking weather on the chairlift (and why the Cottonwoods get more snow). Thanks for your good work and upbeat message even during a tough winter.

  2. Sandy

    What are the BCC and LCC resorts? (sorry, i’m from the east coast) Is that Brighton and Solitude vs. Snowbird?

    1. scotchipman

      BCC (Big Cottonwood Canyon) Brighton/Solitude, LCC (Little Cottonwood Canyon) Alta/Snowbird.

    1. brig

      Ditto. A million thanks for keeping winter alive – if only in our minds. Guys on Alta radio were still stoked but noted we need needed about 90 more inches before the last little pow pop to avoid going down as the shortest snow stake winter recorded at the top of LCC. Could happen if the pacific high pressure goes out west a bit farther I guess.

  3. Pete

    Hi Evan,
    Glad to donate. Our group came in February and your weather report added great value for us to plan on what to expect. Much appreciated.

  4. Ron

    Thanks as always for your forecasts, it’s my only look to our resorts, going to drop you a donation now – @solitudefog

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