Le Creme de la Crust

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 7:00 am


A weak system moves through tonight into Thursday morning with scattered high elevation snow showers.  Resorts can expect anywhere from a trace to 4″ of snow.  Warm this weekend!


Not much change from yesterday.  The system is really weak.  It will move into the area tonight and scattered showers can be expected through tomorrow with the snow level near 7000 feet.  Accumulations should be very light, with 1-2″ of dense snow for the upper half of most resorts.  A few spotty locations could see a bit more.   NAEFS members show a mean snowfall amount of 2″ for the Upper Cottonwoods:



We clear out by Friday with a warm weekend ahead.  A system will be pushing into the PNW and that will fuel a southwesterly flow that will enhance the warm temps further.  We could be looking at record highs by Sunday.

Next week a closed low forms to our south and a weak boundary gets draped just to our north.  There is a chance that these could combine to bring the region showers from about Tuesday-Thursday of next week, however the precipitation looks disorganized in the GFS and non-existent in the Euro.  So confidence is very low.

In the long-range, models are trying hard to change the pattern but it seems to slip through our fingers as it has for most of the season.  Good weather patterns are constantly just out of reach, we see them in the long-range forecast models but we can’t quite get there.  Kinda feels like this….



Anyway…. Happy Hump Day!


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19 thoughts on “Le Creme de la Crust

  1. Lauren

    There should be a storm of epic proportions hitting Utah on or around March 25th. Why? I’m getting hip surgery and won’t be skiing the rest of the season. I hope my sacrifice is not in vain. 😉

    1. Jimmy

      Right there with you, looks like it’s a good year to get your appendages fixed and prep for next year.

  2. Marsha

    Fingers crossed that conditions hold until April 2-ish. Coming out for Spring break and to finalize college decision….

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      “OMG, this is how awesome conditions are at snowbird on April 2nd during one of the worst years in their recorded history!?! If this is bad, I can’t wait to see what ‘good’ looks like! Sign me up!”

  3. R.C. Jennings

    I was up at Brighton late January. Arriving the 15th praying for same fun conditions.

  4. Steely Dad

    In the immortal words of Smokey from the movie Friday, that dog, “Got knocked the *bleep* out!”

  5. Steve

    I’m curious. I’ve heard for years that 76-77 was an epic bad year for the west. How does this year compare to that one? Just wonder if people will be talking about 14-15 for the next 40 years.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      It was a horrible year! My folks moved west (to Tahoe) in November of 1976. Alta-Guard records show that year as having 314.5″ of snow for the season. Right now we are at about 220″ for this year, so we need another 95″ in the next 6 weeks to avoid setting a new record. It might be a stretch!

  6. John A

    Coming out to Snowbird April 9 thru 14. Keeping my fingers crossed. Wish I could bring some of the snow from the East coast. Hopefully some terrain is still open and early April gets a storm or two.

  7. jim

    Evan, how damaging will the temperatures over the weekend be for the base at Snowbird. They are sitting at about 79 inches this morning. Even the Canadian model has backed off on any snow amounts this week and next week. I can’t find any good news anywhere at the moment.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      It’ll get slushy and we’ll lose some snow on south-facing and west-facing slopes but it certainly won’t be anything close to season ending. There’s not much good news out there I’m afraid. If there was, I’d be talking about it. Week 3 and especially 4 in the CFS model are still showing above average precip for our area, but I don’t put too much faith in these:


  8. Steve

    In the stock market, they always talk about the bottom hitting when buyers “capitulate”. I think we’re there.

  9. jim

    The CPC precip probabilities were just updated today …still showing day 6-14 above average (33%-40%). The prognosis discussion is pretty much a cut and paste from past three days. I know you are not a big fan Evan but what are they seeing in the ensembles they the operational models are not showing. Granted confidence is 3 out of 5 for 8-14 day.

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