A Non-discriminatory Storm

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 7:02 am


Fresh snow abounds after 1-2 feet of snow fell in Utah mountains since Monday morning.  We dry out and warm up starting today with Spring skiing conditions likely this weekend into early next week.  Storms could return later next week.


Holy cow! I’ve run out of superlatives to describe yesterday.  “Unreal” is the one that keeps rolling off the tongue.  Personally, I chose to ski Solitude with a buddy of mine and it was other-worldly.  Everything I’ve heard suggests that you could not go wrong yesterday, no matter where you went.  The cold front performed exactly as expected and dropped 6-12″ of snow on almost all resorts.  This was on top of 6-12″ from Monday afternoon and evening.  That put 36-hour totals at 1-2 feet!  The only exceptions seem to be Sundance, which did well in a southerly flow Monday but only saw 3″ from the cold front and PCMR which also reported 3″ despite both it’s neighbors, Canyons and Deer Valley, reporting 10″ and 8″ respectively.  So who knows, but PCMR riders seemed to be happy so perhaps it was deeper than their snow report lets on.   Anyway, everybody else did great.  It is nice to see a storm that is an equal opportunity provider… Seems like we’ve been missing those this season as most storms have targeted specific areas.

Hopefully you made it up yesterday.  On Friday morning I posted this in my discussion before leaving for Telluride, “Still a bit early, but 6-12″ seems reasonable for now… If things go our way, certain favored areas (Cottonwoods) could see more….  Tuesday should be a great powder day!”  On Monday night, I drove 7 hours through snowstorms just to make sure I would be back in time.  If you followed my advice and took the day off from work…


Today we are all cleared out already and cold air is left in the system’s wake.  Here is a look at temps across the Salt Lake valley  and east toward the Cottonwoods/PC:


It’s cold… but that’s winter for ya.  Not too far off of where we are supposed to be.  The cold air should preserve the snow for at least this morning.  But it will warm up quickly, and the high sun angle is caustic this time of year.  If you want more powder, get out there early today.  Another thing to keep in mind is wind on the upper ridges today.  There could be some strong gusts.

Warm and sunny from late today through the weekend into next week.  We are now in meteorologic Spring and the Wx will reflect that.  Go out and have a parking lot bbq this weekend!  Bring the lawn chairs!

Next chance for storms is next week — probably Wednesday or Thursday (3/11 or 3/12)… Models have been consistent in bringing energy into the area, but less consistent with any of the details.  It’s over a week away, so no point fretting over it now.  CFS supports a flip back to stormier weather along the coast.  Notice the drier-than-normal conditions for week 1, then the wetter-than-normal conditions developing for week 2:


The next week will feature me just providing daily updates on how this potential new trough is looking in models.  I’ll post a snowpack analysis tomorrow…  Enjoy!


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28 thoughts on “A Non-discriminatory Storm

  1. Coral

    Yep. I told my boss on Friday that I would prolly take Tuesday off after I read that. Bird was the word yesterday! Thanks for the awesome forecast as always! Just wish less people read it, there are no secrets anymore 😉

  2. Steely Dad

    Thanks for providing a forecast that created a very special memory for me and my kids. They couldn’t stop telling all their friends how much fun it was yesterday. Now they fully understand why we wake up extra early on pow days. It was AMAZING!

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      That right there is awesome and made my day. I still remember my first powder day at Kirkwood, CA with my pops. It was the day I finally understood why powder is special. Ever since I’m constantly trying to recapture that feeling.

      1. dante

        Evan … Enjoying that day with my son and his first powder experience is one of my favorite memories too.

  3. Dave

    Spot on forecasting! I chalked up some “Dad of the year” points by pulling my two boys out of school after lunch and hitting Snow Basin. It was nothing short of magical…..best runs of the year, no doubt! We’re all a little stiff and sore this morning, but that just reminds us how much fun we had! Thanks WSF for the great job you do!

  4. Anna

    I know it’s probably hard to say at this point, but what do you think the snow will be like this weekend? I’m not riding again until Friday and I’m going with a friend who is visiting from the East coast so I’m hoping to show her some of those Wasatch goods. Could we still find some pockets of pow in the trees? Or do you think it will warm up too much for anything to be left by then?

  5. joe

    I’ve been following your forecasts for weeks. I have a once in blue moon trip planned for next wee M-F. Looks like i just missed. Theses warm temperatures are scarring me. Should I eat some costs and change my plans?

  6. jim

    Do you expect the temps to get above freezing at the summit during the next week (at the base maybe low 40’s?). Looks like temps will come back down to normal with the return of the storms late next week. Is that how you see it too at this point?

  7. Steve

    Evan, the runs of the GFS are all over the place for post March 12 weather. Some show great storms, some pathetic storms and latest, nothing. Thoughts? I know that sometimes the models have trouble with impending pattern change. Hoping that’s the issue as would like to see some snow last half of march.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Same thoughts as always, don’t get too caught up in any individual run. We are starting the gradual transition to summer now, which lessens model reliability even further beyond 7 days. Latest EC shows good storms, so we have no choice but to be patient and wait for more consistency.

  8. PC Telemark

    Great time at DV today. Surprised to see there was still so much good snow – lots of stashes in the trees. The sun started to warm things up by the end of the day, but it was still very soft!

  9. tuan


    Whats up with this unusually warm weather? I know its March but I cant ever remember it being this warm. The warm weather really makes the snow crappy!

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Hmmm… not sure I know what you’re talking about. Today was below average. High in SLC was 40F, and 20s up in the mountains. So it hasn’t been warm yet, but it will get warm this weekend. It doesn’t take much with a high sun angle to bake the snow, but it’s like that every year.

  10. Stuart Whittington

    Hi Evan,

    I read your forecasts regularly from Southampton, U.K….in the lead up to coming out to The Wasatch. This is my 7th time of returning (we’ve been here nearly 2 weeks now) and your forecast yesterday was responsible for getting us up to Alta before the storm hit. Simply an epic day, never skied anything like it before. You do a great job: Thanks!!

  11. Fred

    Can’t seem to find a way to post a pic here. Pow Mow was the best I’ve ever seen it after 6 visits between last year and this year. Minimal lines despite all the parking lots being full. Road the lift 2x with a Father and Son from Park City.
    Whoever said yesterday it was tracked out was WRONG. Just wish I had the money for some BIG PHAT skis. My 83s are to thin *frown* hard to float on those thin sticks 😉

      1. Brian Martasin

        Went to PowMow on your advice today. It was very nice, plenty of untracked pow, although the snow was on the heavier side and reminiscent of Sierran Cement. Nonetheless a great pow day, thanks a million.

  12. Mike

    I had a bunch of buddies coming in from the East coast. I told them last week, based on your f/c, to bump their flights up from Wed to Tues because Wed would be epic Utah–clear skies and fresh snow. Two made it in time and the Bird delivered. We were present for rope drops at both Mineral Basin and Road to Provo. Experienced unbelievable snow in Tiger Tail and Gad 2 late in day.

    After the dinnertime powder stories, my whole crew thinks I’m a weather savant. The guys that came in Wed are kicking themselves for not heeding my advice.

    Keep up the great work. I know how difficult this can be and I’m really impressed with your ability to interpret and integrate the various models with your experience to deliver very accurate forecasts.

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