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Fresh snow is here with lots more falling this morning before we clear out later today.  TODAY is going to be an AWESOME POWDER DAY!  Dry and warm later this week.


First of all, sorry for the shorter post the last few days.  I was out-of-town and was checking weather data and writing posts on my phone — not an easy thing to do.  I planned my trip last week with hope that Tuesday would be the day for Wasatch powder, and here I am!

Yesterday the southerly flow brought periods of snow to the area in the afternoon.  It was really cool to see the energy then pivot and the flow to turn westerly during the evening hours.  That wave ejected out of the area, but before it did, it brought some decent snowfall totals!  Cottonwoods already reporting 11-13″ in the last 24 hours.  6-8″ at PC resorts and generally 3-6″ elsewhere.   Due to the closed low stalling farther south and west than models forecasted, the intense flow of moisture targeted southern Utah more than the San Juans of Colorado (although the San Juans still saw plenty of snow).   Brian Head reporting another 15″ of snow for a STORM TOTAL of 52 INCHES!!!!  WOW!  I know some of you took my advice and headed down there!  Hope you had a blast!

Today we have a cold secondary trough pushing into the area.  The cold front right now is north of SLC and bringing heavy snow to places like Beaver Mountain, PowMow and Snowbasin.  Check it out on the current (6:15am) radar:


This heavy precip will slowly sag south this morning and reach Salt Lake valley by 7am… just in time for rush hour!   Expect heavy snow in the Cottonwoods and PC through late morning, further adding to the totals listed above.  Here is a look at Snowbasin already with 8″ since yesterday:


I’m expecting 24-hour totals tomorrow to be 6-12″ with perhaps more in the Cottonwoods.  Add that to what we saw yesterday evening and we should be approaching 2 feet in some areas.  Not a bad way to start March, eh?

We will dry out later this week but models indicate a more active pattern possible again for the west before mid-month.  Models have been fairly consistent at bringing precip back to the area between March 11-14… we’ll just have to keep an eye on that for now.

GO UP AND GET YOUR POWDER!  This is what we have been waiting for…


P.S.  Please tag instagram powder pictures with #wasatchsnowforecast

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22 thoughts on “POWDER IS BACK!!

  1. Arvid

    Thanks for these amazing daily reports. We will be skiing in the Park City area starting Saturday and I have been reading your reports religiously and anxiously for the last few weeks. Your humor and enthusiasm have made the journey out of Mordor bearable. I could say we’re sorry that it probably won’t snow while we are in Park City, but I am honestly just thrilled that it has snowed again, including this pretty significant dump yesterday and today. Enjoy today’s powder!!

  2. Brandon

    Hope it’s still good around 1030am. Boss called to tell me to come to a meeting then take rest of the day off to snowboard 🙂

  3. blackke

    This is going to be the longest half day ever!

    great reports Evan, it’s a daily read for me and a lot of my buddies in the office

  4. Fred

    Nuking all the way from Davis county into SLC at 10:30
    Someone called it on here a few weeks ago. That winter WOULD come. Sure seems that way!

  5. Martin

    On radar looks to be lake enhanced too… Currently at work near SR201 and it has been snowing hard since 8am but just starting to taper off. It has dropped a few inches into the valley floor. I imagine the Cottonwoods are getting smashed with some great powder!
    It looks like previous 10-day totals for Brighton are around 40″… That has got to make for some soft turns up there. Enjoy!

  6. Jer

    Snowbird was NUKING all morning! Face shots left and right. Came back to my car at noon and there was nearly a foot of snow on it. Now its back to work…

  7. Josh

    Well wouldn’t you know, I got in Flow (that special state that psych books are written about) today at Solitude. Such a special and rare experience, 2 hours felt like 5. Still bubbling in the afterglow.
    I would like to mention that I read these reports nearly daily and find them the best summation on weather that I have ever read (sailplane pilot so I’ve read a few). So thank you for today, in a way, very much.
    Look forward meeting you some day out on the mountain.

  8. Ian

    Judging from the crowd I saw at my hill (I’d guess over 75% locals), there sure was a spike in illnesses throughout the valley this morning! 😉

  9. Brian

    Thanks to Evan for helping me to time this storm perfectly from 10 days out. Flew in yesterday morn for a 1/2 day at PC followed by Brighton today. Today was my first Utah powder day after snowboarding only in CA for 22 years, and it was likely my best.

    Any suggestions on where to go for the best shot at pow tomorrow?

  10. PC Telemark

    Great afternoon at PC. Got up there around 1 and still lots of good turns. Continued snowing all afternoon until suddenly the sun appeared at 4.

    FYI, east face and pinecone weren’t opened today… I know I’ll be hiking those as soon as they open (hopefully tomorrow).

  11. Fred

    Nah pow mow will be good just ask ski patrol where to go nwihell it is tracked out on a day where it was still snowing at noon

  12. Tom

    Snowbird was about as good as it gets today between opening bell and about 1 o’clock. Even Gad Valley was off the chain.

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