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Friday, February 27, 2015 at 7:02 am


Active weather will continue with mountain snow across the state this weekend.  Southern Utah will see the brunt of it this weekend with Northern Utah getting a good storm for Monday night into Tuesday.


Where to start….?  Let’s wrap up yesterday’s storm #1….  Forecast was 1-4″ outside the Cottonwoods with 3-6″ in the Cottonwoods…. Actual amounts ranged from Trace-5″ with up to 7″ reported in LCC.  So pretty much right in line with the forecast with most amounts on the high end of the forecast.  Good news! Today should be a good day!

Northern Utah should see a break for the most part today and tomorrow although scattered mountain snow showers are still likely with a few inches total possible by tomorrow evening.  On Sunday, a wrap around band could push its way back into Northern Utah.  This is certainly not a sure thing, but there’s a possibility snowfall will increase again late in the weekend with additional accumulations.  I’m keeping a close eye on Sunday for certain parts of northern Utah that could get under this band of snow.

Southern Utah will see the meat and potatoes of the storm begin tonight and last through tomorrow. Additional accumulation should continue Sunday into Monday.  I’m still a bit worried that the best precip will slide south and east of Brian Head.  Still, I think 6-12″ by Saturday evening is likely with additional accumulations Sunday and Monday bringing storm totals to 10-18″.   Several good days look likely down there!

On Monday night into Tuesday, the third and final storm drops into the area.  This is the coldest in the series and snow levels will drop to all valley floors.  Not a ton of moisture and rather fast-moving, but high snow:water ratios and a good track for northern Utah should combine for at least moderate accumulations.  Still a bit early, but 6-12″ seems reasonable for now… If things go our way, certain favored areas (Cottonwoods) could see more….  Tuesday should be a great powder day!

Long range: 

We dry out by Wednesday of next week and it looks like we have a period of high pressure and warm weather for 5-7 days…  Models continue to show active weather returning as we get closer to mid-month.


P.S.  Record keeping up at Alta goes back nearly 70 years… While some of those older records may be missing some data, it would appear that we are fighting with the record books right now.   Since records began in 1945, our least snowy February has has been 34″ of snow.  Currently, with yesterday’s snow, we sit at 32″ for February 2015.  That means we need 2″ or more today or tomorrow (close call) to avoid going down in infamy as the least snowy February in LCC’s recorded history.  Of course, similar records are falling everywhere throughout the Wasatch.  I use this location just because it has the most complete data set and consistent record keeping.

Also, remember that this is coming off the heels of January where we saw only 28″ of snow… Which is the fourth least snowy January if these records are to be believed.   Two of the worst mid-Winter months in our history back-to-back…. Ouch!

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23 thoughts on “Something For Everybody

  1. Brad K.

    At this point I’d rather be able to claim the worst February ever. At least we’d have something to show our frustrations.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Mick from detroit

    I’m going to park city this coming tues. and I’m wondering as of now what the best place to ski would be based on snow? I appreciate the advice, great site!

    1. Anna

      If you’re not a beginner skier I found the Canyons to be a lot more fun and have a lot more snow than PCMR. Your lift ticket is good for either one, so you can always check them both out if you’re staying for a couple of days.

  3. opie

    you dont get a good early season and then your cold months (ie best powder) jan/feb dont produce, you are SOL. the sun is much higher now and even when the cold storms come thru, its a matter of a half day til that sun has affected the snow on all aspects

  4. brig

    I am hoping the southerly bumps a bit north of current models, but it looks like Brian Head may get the lower end. Going tonight nonetheless.

    Pray for the rest of the Wasatch winter. Thanks for all the rad reports.

  5. Fred

    @ Opie Nah I was finding nice powder in Mar/Apr at Solitude last season.

    Have to admit to being dissapointed with totals. Had 3+ inches in the avenues. Stopped at like 4pmish then got another 1/4-1/2 inch after 5. Was hoping for much more at the resorts *frown* Oh well maybe today and tomorrow will help.

  6. TJ

    Evan, would you mind posting one of those snow-total-per-year comparison charts soon? Would be nice to see how accumulation at this point compares to past few years. Thanks!

  7. Bruce

    Snowbird reports 7 inches in 24 hours, yet their snow cam shows 3 inches. The same thing happened with last weekends storm. When they report 7 inches of new snow are they measuring at the peak?

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      No, they measure mid-mountain. But snow stake cams aren’t the best source as a lot of snow can blow off. There is an automated sensor at alta that is very accurate that shows 6″, so the 7″ total might be a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

  8. Bruce

    Thanks! I’m coming out to Snowbird for a week starting Sunday, so I’m obsessing over every inch. This website has been my most frequented for weeks now. Thanks for all you are doing.

  9. Ricardo

    Evan, I coming with my family next week and we all first timers, my daughter is just 5, where we should go first in your opinion. Thanks

    1. Tram

      I’d go with this: 1 deer valley 2 PCMR 3 alta4 canyons 5 solitude this is from a beg experience including maybe ski school mixed in. The others are very good too

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