Southern Utah still under the gun

Monday, February 23, 2015 at 6:00 am


Southern Utah continuing to see snow today.  Northern Utah is in a break for the next couple days before chances for snow return statewide by Thursday heading into the weekend.


I’m down at Brian Head on a little powder chasing trip.  I know several others did the same for yesterday.  It snowed hard yesterday morning before turning light yesterday afternoon down here.  I’d say by the end of the day Brian Head had 10″ or more with a couple more inches overnight and more snow expected today (another 5-10″).  Should be another great day!

Northern Utah has cleared out.  This storm did well for itself.  It lacked moisture and organization, but what it did have going for it was a long duration and a favorable northwest flow with decent instability.   This is why I mentioned last week that if I were you I’d pay close attention to webcams and radar so if certain places got more than expected, you’d be ready.  I guess it’s not much of a surprise that the Cottonwoods were that place!   Cold temps have returned, but with a higher sun angle this time of year, even with the cold temps the powdery snow doesn’t last quite as long as.  Still, soft turns should still remain, especially on north-facing slopes.

We are in a bit of break now, but another cold trough will drop into the area later this week.  The first weak wave will move through on Wednesday.  This is so subtle that I doubt we’ll see much more than a few clouds.  The stronger wave moves in Thursday into Thursday night.  Additional waves are forecasted to rotate into the state through the weekend.  This isn’t a huge system, but another long duration event means that totals could pile up.  It does look like there’s a good possibility that this Low closes off and once again brings the heaviest totals to southern Utah.

Overall, model agreement in the details is poor.  However, we do know that cold air and more chances for snow will be in the region from Thursday through at least Sunday.  So another great ski weekend is in store!  Tomorrow I’ll be back home and I can try to sort through the models and give you a better idea which specific days will be best for powder.


P.S.  If you’re at Brian Head today.  Say “hello” to me.  I’m in an orange jacket with a red helmet!

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11 thoughts on “Southern Utah still under the gun

  1. Sammy Kap

    Thanks for all you do Evan! Currently I’m dirt bagging it in the back of my truck at a rest stop just outside of BH on the 15. Let’s hope today is epic. Thanks for steering us down here. See you up there for the shredding!

  2. Tom

    Chair 5 “Roulette” was the money train yesterday…… we saw you but didn’t know it was you… Tare it up today my friend. I had to travel home for something called

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast Post author

      Yep, I lapped Roulette until it was totally chewed… Then I found a secret stash on another part of the mountain that had Wasatch-type steeps. 😉 I’m sure I saw you too! Glad you had fun!

  3. Scot Chipman

    Where are these “Wasatch-type” steeps you speak of at Brian Head? It has been 20 years since I skied Brian Head and at that time there was nothing steep, would be great if things have changed.

  4. Steve

    Any thoughts on CPC’s 6-14 day probability graphic? Back to showing lower than normal precip for that period.

  5. Keith

    Hey Brian, I enjoy your posts. Two of us are headed out from VA on Saturday. Liking that forecast for the weekend. Ya’ll keep doing the snow dance out there!! We’ll be there all week, so hoping for lots of the Greatest Snow on Earth!!

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