Southern Comfort Sunday

Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 4:12 am


Northern Utah has cleared out for the most part.  Fresh snow still there for the taking.  Southern Utah gets pounded today and tomorrow with 1-2 feet for the far southern mountains.  Next chance for snow is late in the week (Friday).


This storm was drawn out over 36 hours in the Wasatch and had long periods of lulls in the precip but we ended up with decent totals.  As expected, most areas remained light on accumulation with <5″ for everywhere except the Cottonwoods which, as they so often do, benefited in the NW flow and picked up 8-11″.  Alta-Collins station increased the snow depth from 66 to 76″ over the storm.  People who skied yesterday, especially in the Cottonwoods, had nothing but good things to say.

The stalled boundary has set up and is pounding Brian Head and southern Utah as we speak, this should continue through tomorrow.  I already see big fat snowflakes on the webcam with several inches already.  I’d expect at least a foot and probably closer to two by Tuesday morning.

Our break in the action will last for most of the work week in the north, but it looks like the whole state will return to action starting on Friday.  Still a ton of model disagreement.  GFS drops the trough farther west and brings the best moisture west, then south of us.  We’d still get some action, but not the strongest.  The EC is more progressive and brings a healthy storm over the area.  We’ll just have to wait and hope that the better model option wins out.  The pattern change is here folks.  Cooler air and chances for snow from here out… Let’s hope we get our skittles!

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this ridge!




P.S. If you noticed I posted early yesterday, it was because I was up with food poisoning most of Friday night and ended up missing out on yesterday’s powder 🙁  If you’re wondering why I’m posting so early today, it’s because I’m making up for a missed day!

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11 thoughts on “Southern Comfort Sunday

  1. brig

    Loves me some Alta.

    Glad nobody cares I ski there.

    And don’t go to pow mow or basin – one is flat and the other is too steep and icy.

    Deer Valley and PC are the nicest places west of Colorado – fancy.

    Hope you slayed it today Mr Wasatch forecast.

  2. E

    How is the snow at Brian head Evan? Still expected to dump all night/tomo? Debating calling in snow to work the next two days….worth it? Thanks for all your work!

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