Southern Utah Glory

Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 5:07 am


Snow showers will continue today in the mountains of Northern Utah.  Sunday and Monday, heavy snow is likely to develop in Southern Utah mountains with 1-2 feet possible.  Cold air with more chances for snow later this week.


A cold front passed through the region yesterday morning and brought a band of moderate to even heavy snow through the Wasatch.  Park City resorts and the Cottonwoods picked up a quick 2-3 inches that actually made for some nice, soft turns. Additional snow showers overnight have added several more inches, primarily in LCC (9″ at Alta and Snowbird – thank you Northwest flow!)  Unstable airmass behind the front has allowed occasional snow showers to continue with snow still falling in places as of 4:30am this morning:



I would expect these showers to continue off and on throughout the day with perhaps a few more inches of accumulation by tomorrow morning.  Again, certainly not a big storm for the Wasatch, but it’s nice to have cold weather with snowflakes flying!

The focus of attention is on the stalled boundary we talked about yesterday that will stall out along with a closed low down in Southern Utah.  Yesterday the big question was exactly where this boundary would set up.  Trends over the last 24 hours have been to move it farther south to far southern Utah.  This is good news for places like Brian Head.  Here is the qpf map from the latest runs:



Mountains like Brian Head and extending east into the San Juans of Colorado should see 1-2 FEET of snow above 6000ft.  The snow will pick up in intensity during the day Sunday and should continue into Monday night.  If you want deep powder, pack up the car right now and drive to Brian Head or the San Juans of Colorado and ski thru Tuesday.

The whole state should clear out on Tuesday.  The pattern is officially changed to one where high pressure has shifted off-shore and now the intermountain west is subjected to cold systems dropping out of Canada.  Unfortunately, this pattern is not the most conducive to big snow in Utah as these storms lack moisture.  Another wave will move into the area on Thursday and Friday bringing more snow showers to the region.

I’m not complaining, as cold air and snow showers is far better than the dry heat wave we have seen all month up to this point.  Hopefully, however, the high pressure ridge continues to retrograde farther west so our storm can have a more over-water trajectory and pick up more moisture.




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14 thoughts on “Southern Utah Glory

  1. Jamba

    Going out to PCMR next week. I’m happy to see that temps are dropping and there will be some new snow. Thanks for all the analysis. Love Utah!

  2. WiscoRuby

    Alta is reporting 9 total and 6 overnight. Snowbird says 9 as well. Looks like a surprising over-performance. Keep it going NW Flow!

  3. Andre

    sweet! hey, I’m heading to alta next thurs – Monday…. what do you think is likely snow in that timeframe? light (1-3″)? medium? (3-6″)? good (6-12″)?

    any chance of a solid dumping for us?

    thanks for these awesome reports! makes February bearable

  4. Miley

    Is it true that demon wind storm might be returning near the wasatch front canyons this weekend? If so, I’m out to buy some ear plugs.

  5. Anna

    Sundance has the worst snow right now that I’ve ever seen in Utah. Do not come here! Cheap lift tix be damned!

  6. Luke

    I am leaving for Brian Head in one hour to ride tomorrow based on what i am reading. This storm better come through! 🙂

  7. Terry

    Brighton was excellent today. Easy 8 inches, soft turns, great tree runs off Snake Creek lift. 11 of us from Ohio are very thankful the snow arrived just in time. Yesterday at Snowbasin was like typical east coast skiing – loud 🙂
    Still fun and fast

  8. Steve

    Any thoughts on extended out past the 28th, Seems like models are pretty variable with a disturbing trend towards less precip in the 9-16 day time frame. Or, am I just being pessimistic?

  9. Will it ever snow again in Tahoe?

    Does Brian Head still look to be in store for 12-24 inches? It looks like some of the recent models show the snow band a little further south. Don’t want to make the 9+ hour drive for an 8-inch snow event, especially since I only have time for about 5 hours on the mountain before driving back to California.

  10. Newty

    I don’t get off work in Slc till 9 pm Sunday. Thinking I’ll make the drive to brianhead Sunday night for the deeps on Monday. Please baby jeebus let this storm be the WORD!!!!

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