A little sumthin’ sumthin’

Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 8:14 am

Update on the Update:

12:45pm….  12z Euro model also showing some encouraging signs for next week.  Models have cold air and some energy coming down the east side of the ridge.  Ec has this combining with some undercutting energy.  All this is 8-10 days away and is just starting to appear in the models… but at least it’s something to watch!  Stay tuned….


Latest 12z GFS now has an inside slider type of system dropping down the east side of the ridge early next week.  This is somewhat similar to the solution the ECMWF was showing yesterday.  It’s one run of one model, so it is certainly nothing to get excited about, but it will be interesting to see if any subsequent model runs continue with this idea…. WSF


A weak system will bring snow to the mountains of Northern Utah Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning. Accumulations should be light (1-4″).  Maybe we get lucky and get a bit more…?  Ridge builds into the area through President’s Day weekend with mild and dry conditions.


There are really no other details worth putting in here other than what is the “summary” section above.

Northeast continues to get hit hard as our high amplitude ridge = their deep trough.  Another 1-2 feet likely tonight and tomorrow in New England.  What I imagine it feels like to be skiing in New England these days…


Meanwhile, we are forced to sit here and watch them have all the fun:


Long range:

Not much new to talk about.  The GFS which had, at times, been hinting at trying to undercut the ridge after mid-month has now seemingly totally backed off on that idea.  Right now, all models keep the ridge going strong through 2/20.  That doesn’t mean something won’t change.  Right now it feels like when we do see something good in a model, it’s like trying to hold water in you hand, it just drains through your fingers until it’s all gone….


…or nose….  anyway, Keep the faith! …. or don’t… your call.


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8 thoughts on “A little sumthin’ sumthin’

  1. Darren

    I recently spent two days skiing on ice at snowbird. I have another trip planned late February. Skiing on ice or slush is not my cup of tea. If you check out accuweather’s extended forecast, you can see WSF’s frustration in graphic form. The hope of a late February storm is fading fast. As much as it pains me, hanging up the skis for the season is becoming more of a reality.

  2. Darren

    Read “Wasatch Weather Weenies” for an interesting perspective about short and long term weather patterns in the West.
    As a lifelong east coaster, I still wouldn’t ski New England even if they are getting hammered with storm after storm – I choose Utah every time, despite the less than ideal conditions – TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE.

    Thanks for your continued honesty, expertise and humor.

    Keep the faith – snows will fall in the Wasatch again!!

  3. Peter

    Am in New England — with the new 2′ inbound — flying out to The Wasatch on Tuesday. Here’s hoping for some good snow news!

  4. Mitch

    Just drove from central Vermont to Boston’s Logan airport to fly to Park City. Feels a bit like I’m leaving Maui in search of the perfect wave on the Chicago River. Ah well, so goes the life of a skier…win some lose some.

  5. Nils

    Awesome site. Just found it last week. Florida native. Be at powder MTN 2/20-2/27. Hoping praying for the best. Thanks again for up to date accuweather

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